Saturday, February 2, 2019

What's good!!

What's good hip hop world?! Yep, I've returned to my blog, not permanently, but I'm going through some of my old posts (and making some minor adjustments here and there). I've also noticed that most of you are still viewing the blog, which is appreciated of course! In present day 2019, I'm still taking every day one day at a time, plus I'm in my second year at Ashford University, studying to receive a Bachelor's degree in Political Science & Government, and yes, hip hop is still in my blood; it goes without saying that our culture continues to be just another form of entertainment, and even with a few bright spots here and there, the genre itself is remains at the lowest point(s) in its history. In closing, thanks for the continued support of the blog and I'll see you again soon. Peace!!

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