Sunday, December 17, 2017

A New Chapter

What's going on hip hop world!!! I know I haven't been posting on the blog as frequently as expected and you can certainly thank my busy schedule (and other things) for that. Before I proceed, so it's not a clear cut mystery throughout this post, I'm informing you that this very post will be the last one on the blog. Why you may ask? Read on, because I do have somewhat of a story for you (lol) and everything will come full circle when you finish reading.

Prior to and after starting the blog, I had dreams/goals/ambitions/desires to enter the music business in a behind the scenes capacity. Whenever I talked about it, I would get the question, "so what do you want to do behind the scenes", and I could never give a straight answer to the question. The only thing that was evident was the motivation and interest, which are important (more on this in a bit). Fast forward to Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Our country changed in more ways than one with the unfortunate election of.... Donald Trump. Now, prior to this, I had been following politics since 9/11 and once the '16 election was over, man I started following politics CLOSELY and every day, I became more and more motivated to wanna get involved and make a difference. When I say I'm ON IT, I mean that, lol, almost to the point of obsession. In addition to watching/listening to various independent and mainstream media news clips, I read the Richmond Times Dispatch, the Washington Post, Politico, Bloomberg Politics, The Daily Beast, The Atlantic, you name it, I consume LOADS of information on an everyday basis. Over the course of 2017, I thought off and on about where I wanted to take my career, trying to decide my path in terms of my "first love" (hip hop) and my "new passion" (politics) and finally, after months of thinking about it, I came to the decision that pursuing a career in politics is where I wanted to go (more on this in a bit too). One KEY thing here was when it came to what I wanted to do in the music business, I could never determine what I wanted to do, but once I decided that politics was what I wanted to get into, it was then I instantly had a "blueprint" in mind (and a key legend in hip hop gave me that advice, "create a blueprint"): In the new year, I'm going to be enrolling in online classes at Ashford University, studying to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science (and Public Administration) and once the education part of my new journey is complete, that's when I'll run for office. Chances are, I'm going to get involved with my state (Virginia) and from there, my main goal is becoming a (respected) member of the U.S. Congress (I don't want to take on such an endeavor with no experience). As you can see, I'm VERY serious about this and I truly don't like where our country is heading and I'm SO ready to get involved and make a difference. The ONE thing that Trump has done for me is motivate me to wanna pursue a career in politics, and even if Hillary Clinton would've won like she should've, that would've been a form of motivation as well, so either way, you can say this was destined to happen. Overall, I vow to be different from your average politician. I'm going to stand up for what I believe in and I will work for the PEOPLE, NOT donors and large corporations. You got my word on that!

When it comes to the blog, it'll still be up and running (I put MAD time and work into this so deleting it was NEVER an option), however, I'm going to be completely focused on my career so there's little to no chance right now of any new content being posted. Hip hop (and pro wrestling) will ALWAYS be in my blood, yes indeed, but at this point in my life, as mentioned, I'm ready to get involved and make a difference and quite frankly, there's nothing appealing to me in hip hop and I don't see the game changing any time soon (it's becoming more and more like just another form of entertainment). And to my people in the Facebook groups, The Essence of Hip Hop, We Love Hip Hop and The Dope Spot, I'll still be present, even if my participate will be limited in the new year! As I prepare to close this final post, from the bottom of my heart, if you've ever read, commented on, shared, liked, and offered any type of support for my blog, THANK YOU!!! It was always appreciated from the very start and I won't forget it. You can follow me of course via Facebook ( and Twitter, which is THE spot to get it all in terms of my political views (@wmaye84). I'll also include my "Maye Memo", which really defines my beliefs and it's a document that'll remain with me during my political career. Please share this post if you can and again, THANK YOU for your support!!!

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