Saturday, December 31, 2016

The blog in 2017!

As we prepare to close 2016, I want to start as always by saying thanks for the continued support to all of my loyal readers/supporters of the blog! It's always appreciated! In reference to 2017, for this particular year, I'm going to go in a different direction with the blog. The usual posts will continue, but with a twist. To commemorate the albums that'll be turning 20, I'm going to do "97 Retrospectives" all throughout 2017. Even though 1997 is not my favorite year in hip hop history (that honor will always be 1995), I wanted to do something different and from a nostalgia standpoint, '97 was my best summer EVER so you know said nostalgia is going to play a very strong point during these retrospectives/revisits, not to mention that a few of the albums I'll be covering will actually be my first time checking them out, if you can believe that, lol. There may be additional posts in between the "97 Retrospectives", however, most of my time will be devoted to the year of 1997 (not sure if I'll be presenting a project in the new year, but we'll see on that one). Oh yeah, two caveats: 1) I will not be reviewing Mack 10's "Based On A True Story." and 2) No Limit albums will not be included. Granted, I was aware of them in '97 as they blew up, but my fandom, if you will, didn't come into play until March of 1998. Any ideas you may have, feel free to let me know and I'll gladly take them into consideration. Again, thanks for your support and happy new year!!!!!

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