Sunday, June 12, 2016

Quick thoughts

As I get older (I turn 32 on 6/25 by the way, lol), I've asked myself, who am I to judge artists and say what they should/shouldn't be rapping about as they reach a certain age. Now, I understand where most are coming from in that there are certain things that an artist shouldn't be rapping about as they approach 40 or whatever, I get that, and I'm sure you all know what those topics are, but at the end of the day, it's still music. I know the majority of the artists I support are either in their late 30s and 40s with some pushing 50, but as long as we're getting quality material, their age shouldn't matter (and the first thing I said was "bullshit" when I recently read an article on where Dutch producer Nicolay said "hip hop is a young man's game"). Also, in this day and age where any and everyone has a voice, something that has negatively plagued hip hop and other forms of entertainment whether we like it or not, THE moment an artist (especially an established one) tries to go a different route and do something different, we'll be immediate with the criticism by saying, "such and such artist should stay in their lane", etc, etc, but then when they remain in said lane and deliver quality material, people want to say, "they're too old to be rapping about this", "they shouldn't be talking about this", "they need to talk about that", "they need to follow this formula" etc, etc, etc, a total catch-22. Just my thoughts

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