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Kool G Rap Presents Igloo Entertainment, Introducing 5 Family Click - "Click Of Respect"

Wow, this is indeed a throwback right here. I remember copping this in either late 2003 or early 2004, and quite frankly I was the only person I knew who did. It was nothing new for an established artist to put members of his click (or signed artists) on, and in this case Kool G Rap presents the 5 Family Click, consisting of G Rap himself (going by G Rap Giancana), Ma Barker, 40 CAL Hammerz and Glory Warz. To get a sample of the crew before we head into the review, check out "Gangsta Gangsta" from G Rap's 2002 album "The Giancana Story."

And with that said, let's head back to 2003.

Release date: October 21, 2003

All songs produced by C.O.S.except where noted

1. "Intro"
 Some words from G Rap leads us on our way.

2. "I Die 4 U"

We have all heard the loyalty type songs before, covering whether said members would ride or die for the rest of the crew. That's what we get here. Good song.
*4 out of 5*

3. "Cold World"
G Rap Giancana and Ma Barker (Featuring Angie Mendez)
Produced By Buckwild

Of course it's all about protecting one self, getting paid by any means, and ultimately surviving in a world that's cold.
*4 out of 5*

4. "Blackin Out"
G Rap Giancana

Lyrically this wasn't too bad, I just couldn't get with the beat. An ok song, nothing more or less.
*3 out of 5*

5. "Breaker Breaker"

I like this one right here, with something close to a running storyline over a true 70s Blaxploitation vibe in terms of the production.
*4 out of 5*

6. "Click Of Respect"
G Rap Giancana, Ma Barker and 40 CAL Hammerz

Another good song here, crew love no doubt, however, I'm deducting .5 points for not having Glory Warz on here with the other three members considering the nature of the song.
*3.5 out of 5*

7. "Get Da Drop On Em"
G Rap Giancana

This joint had the same issue that "Blackin Out" had. Lyrically it's good but I wasn't feeling this beat.
*3 out of 5*

8. "Gully"
Produced By DR Period

This one lacks the "gullyness" (or gulliness) that you would expect from a song with this title. It ends up being decent.
*3 out of 5*

9. "On My Grind"
  Ma Barker and Glory Warz

Ms. Barker shows and proves, solo style, on this apply titled joint, which also reminds me of Raekwon's "Pit Bull Fights" (almost the same beat).
*4 out of 5*

10. "Pimped Out"
Ma Barker

 Ma. Barker comes through with another very good song. She's not your average female (MC) and this song explains why.
*4 out of 5*

11. "Slide In my Whip"
G Rap Giancana and Ma Barker

  As a song for the ladies (and overall), I'll pass on this one. Not great, not bad, but just merely there.
*2 out of 5*

12. "Air U Out"
G Rap Giancana

Well, if a lady cheats on G Rap, she'll get aired out, simple and plain.
*3 out of 5*

13. "Niggah Nah"
Glory Warz
Produced By Ty Fyffe

Man you can just listen to this and tell Glory was aiming at some radio/video play with this one. It's decent, but (again) nothing special. This is the type of song that, if given the exposure, stations would've played once or twice and that's about it.
*3 out of 5*

14. "Sick Wit It"
G Rap Giancana, 40 CAL Hammerz and Ma Barker

You see, this is another song where looking at the title would suggest something hard hitting and aggressive, but they seemingly took the complete opposite route.
*3 out of 5*

15. "Stop Playin Wit Me"
G Rap Giancana, Ma Barker and 40 CAL Hammerz

Again (I know I'm saying that a lot), this one is good lyrically, but the beat just really brings this one down a lot. It would've been a much better song with a tighter beat.
*3 out of 5*

16. "I Am What I Am"
Ma Barker

    Another very good, fast paced, apply titled song by Ma. Barker.
*4 out of 5*

17. "Takin Over"
G Rap Giancana and Ma Barker

 Good chemistry displayed on this one between G Rap and Ma Barker.
*3 out of 5*

*18. "Never Gonna Let You Go"
Ma Barker (Featuring Angie Mendez)

As the closing bonus track, this was Ma Barker's joint for the fellas, and trust me if you've heard a song like this before, you've heard them all.
*3 out of 5*

Right off the bat, 3 stars for this album. The potential was there, but the actual execution on all levels was lacking quite a bit. G Rap did his thing, especially in terms of trying to hold it all together, but even a legend like him could only do so much in this case. In addition, Ma Barker showed the most promise overall, and honestly there was no chance that 40 CAL Hammerz and Glory Warz would break out on their own. Also, in my opinion, NONE of the songs on this album came close to matching the tight "Gangsta Gangsta" that was posted during the intro to this review. Furthermore, this joint was released VERY QUIETLY in 2003 and only the hardest of hardcore G Rap fans would've known about it, and honestly I don't recall how I found out about it (believe it or not); I think I was in FYE one day and once I saw it, I just grabbed it. Overall, a slight recommendation to avoid this one. 

Speaking of G Rap, I'll be conducting a revisit of 2002's "The Giancana Story" so stay tuned for that.  

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