Saturday, November 22, 2014

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It's been a while since I've done an "off topic" post, but in this one I'll be talking about WWE's Survivor Series PPV taking place on Sunday, November 23rd and TNA's new TV deal.

Survivor Series 2014

I'll start with the WWE's PPV offering this Sunday. Now, the fact that the company has declared this show FREE (as well as November being a free month for those willing to sample the WWE Network) is another story altogether, but even as a subscriber to the Network since day one, I'm not, I repeat (lol), I'm not watching the show this Sunday for one simple reason: I'm not interested. Looking up and down this card, it's a very weak lineup on paper, probably the weakest in Survivor Series history. I would normally go through the card and give my predictions, but I don't even want to do that, lol. I'm going to focus on the one match that's been given the most attention during the lackluster buildup, and that's the main event.

It'll be Team Cena (John Cena, Ryback, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, and Erick Rowan) vs. Team Authority (Seth Rollins, Kane, Mark Henry, Rusev, and Luke Harper). Now, let's skip the commentary team's comments  about Team Authority being "the most devastating team in Survivor Series history" as well as Mark Henry and Rusev being on the same team despite feuding a few weeks ago. I'm going to focus on the stipulations and "team captain" John Cena. A few weeks ago on Raw, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon made a somewhat long awaited return to TV, not only to promote the free month of the WWE Network, but to announce that if Team Authority, specifically HHH and Stephanie McMahon, loses, they'll be out of power. You would think that HHH would actually captain his team in an effort to save his job, even in storyline terms, but apparently he doesn't care. Moving on, it was made clear that nothing was at stake if Team Cena loses, which brings me to the next stipulation that was added this week on Smackdown. If Team Cena loses, then every member of the team is fired, but check this out, Cena would be an exception, simply because he's the "face of the WWE", smh+lol. Not only is this so last minute in an effort to increase subscriptions and a rather dumb stipulation to add, but is it just me or did they essentially telegraph the finish for this match? I'll say this, even though the stipulations have done nothing to make me anticipate the match more, I really think the Authority storyline has run its course and they need to end it once and for all on Sunday. 

Furthermore, let's talk about Mr. John Cena, the worst team captain in Survivor Series history. This past Monday on Raw, Ziggler, Big Show, and Sheamus, who was originally scheduled to be part of the team but was replaced on this same show, were all attacked by the opposition in their matches (Ziggler even lost his Intercontinental title in the process), but did Cena (or anyone for that matter) come out to help? No, no assistance at all, smh. It just led me to believe that Cena's character is not only stale, but stale and selfish. What exactly were you doing backstage that you couldn't come down and lend a helping hand to your teammates? You know, I remember an interview Cena did a few months ago and the question was asked "would he be turning heel at some point". Not only did he basically say no and that it's not good for business, but he made another comment, replying "I do what they tell me boss". So, in this case, you couldn't make a suggestion that running in to help your teammates would make sense, even with the fans chanting your name for once? It makes no sense. Overall, everyone seems to think that something big is going to happen, which would also include a run in or some type of appearance from Randy Orton, who was going to be on this show but was pulled due to shooting a new movie, being that the show is in his hometown of St. Louis. We shall see. I'll be checking out the results of the show as it takes place, but I won't be watching it live.

TNA's new TV deal

It was announced on November 19th that TNA reached a deal with TV station Destination America and their first show should air in January 2015. Now, although I've seen a few matches from the company, I've never been a fan and this news will not turn me into a fan, however, I consider this a good thing for the wrestling business. On the other hand, I listened to a few wrestling podcasts this past week and it seems like some people are taking the company to task for this decision. I simply do not get it and more and more each day, it seems like wrestling fans the hardest group of fans to please. Ok, it has been made clear that former partner Spike TV was no longer interested and continued negotiations did not go well, so they had no choice but to shop their show around to other networks to see who's interested. Granted, Destination America may not be as big as Spike TV and other respectable stations, but honestly, what choice do they have? According to wrestling fans, critics, journalists, etc, while a step down from Spike, this is not a good move at all and they could've done better, even with limited options at their disposal, but on the flipside, all of their opinions would be different if the company was going out of business like WCW and ECW did in early 2001. Smh, make up your damn minds people in terms of what you want from TNA. It may not be the best move, but it's something and the positive is that we won't be seeing another monopoly in the wrestling business and all involved will still be employed. I will also say that going into 2015, they seriously need to rebrand themselves and focus a bit more on (finally) creating an identity.

For those who will be watching Survivor Series this Sunday, I hope you enjoy the show. If you took advantage of the free month of the WWE Network, I hope it was worth your time and if you end up a paying subscriber, continue to enjoy the service.. If you're a TNA fan, continue to support the company going into the new year.

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