Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Title Track" Tuesday

Mac - Shell Shocked

Produced By Carlos Stephens and O'Dell

"Form my tent gear rhythm, causing ghetto circumcisions
Better be barred behind prison than facing this expedition
On a mission with my right hand man Mac, my brother
Use a garbage bag to smother mothers and they lovers
Undercovers fear us, can't watch, we got it on lock
My baby's first words gun cock, 'cause that nigga's shell shocked!"
- Fiend

Switching it up a bit, I decided to go with a title track from a more underappreciated album, rather than an undisputed classic. Definitely one of No Limit's finest albums, Mac's "Shell Shocked" was DOPE. The title track, which features Fiend, straight up knocks as both rappers bring a great energy over the banging BBTP production. Mac and Fiend were the two best lyricists on the label and they went at it on this one. Both of them killed it, but I think Fiend might get a slight edge, especially with the dope bars to close his verse featured above. A lot of hip hop enthusiasts are not fans of No Limit as a whole, but I definitely think Shell Shocked was an excellent album, with this being one of the highlights.
*4.5 out of 5*

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