Thursday, September 25, 2014

The next Hip Hop Nostalgia session

My plans for the next hip hop nostalgia session were set to be Nice & Smooth's self titled debut album. I had it saved and almost completed, however, the blog was having some slight technical difficulties, next thing I know my entire post was gone, just like that (even though I had it saved), smh. As you know, I'm dedicated to all the work I put into my blog, but if I have something (partially) finished and ready to present, and all of my work is gone, I usually never redo it, I just move on the next post. I'm sorry if that's disappointing news and I hope you understand. In addition, mad props and respect go out to Smooth B and Greg Nice for their debut, which contains the classic "Funky For You."

Stay tuned for the next session, which will cover 3rd Bass' "The Cactus Album".

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