Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Title Track" Tuesday

Brand Nubian - All For One

Produced By Brand Nubian

"I hit a beat and swing a note as if my name was David Ruffin/Quick to toast an MC just like an English muffin" -Grand Puba

".....If my crew don't get in, then the X makes an exit to the rear/I'm outta here, don't front on my brothas/I'll take care of them before I take care of others" -Sadat X

"Well I guess I have to cope wit' being so dope/You wanna be me, but can't see me wit' a telescope" -Lord Jamar

The above lines from Sadat X describes this opening classic in a nutshell (plus I still laugh to this day at Sadat's line when he says "I'm goin' on a trip to Michaeldelphia"). One For All, All For One, no matter what you call it, this was one of many songs that defined the Brand Nubian sound.
*5 out of 5*

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