Friday, August 1, 2014

A "Dream" Collabo

Over the years there has a been a number of collaborations I've always wanted to hear, but for a variety of reasons they never happened. What I'm going to talk about in this post is a collabo I've been talking and thinking about for quite some time. We may have seen a slight variation of it at some point, but I don't think we've seen this array of talent assembled all on the same song, and in this case, the MCs I'm referring to are Guru, M.O.P., Kool G. Rap, and Big Pun over a nice beat by DJ Premier!

Let's go back to 1998, a year that had loads of DOPE collaborations. All of the talents listed above had a very good year, especially Guru and Pun. Can you imagine what a collabo of this magnitude would've been at the time?? All MCs were still at the top of their game and Premo was still killing it behind the boards, what more could you ask for? What I'll be presenting here is my vision, if you will, of how said song would've turned out, who would've stole the show, the order and structure of the verses, etc.


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The legendary DJ Premier would've been THE man behind the boards for what likely would've been one of the greatest collabos in hip hop history. The beat provided by Premo would've been something that would've fit all 5 MCs perfectly, and the moment the beat dropped, you wouldn't have mistaken it for anyone else!

Starting things off would've been Guru, which probably is a small hint that this song would've made Gang Starr's "Moment Of Truth" album in 98. He certainly would've brought his no-nonsense flow to the table in 16 bars or more.

[Note: The hook for this would've been a standard "scratched hook" by Premo, featuring audio clips of all 5 MCs. For the life of me, I couldn't come to a song title for this. I thought of "Mad Men," but then again what would they be so mad about you know.]

Billy Danze and Lil Fame would've brought their tag team flow for the second verse, going back and forth with each other throughout. Where you had Guru coming off kinda smooth like, M.O.P. would've came through energetic and aggressive as usual.

The legendary Kool G Rap would've dropped a dope verse, completely inspired and raw since his verse on M.O.P.'s "Stick 2 Ya Gunz" from their 1996 album "Firing Squad". And just when you think it'll be over, that leads us to the closing verse!

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Oh man, Pun would've killed this, no doubt. This man had already laced a good number of posse cuts at this point, and this one would've been no different. I could've seen an instance where just when you think Pun was ending his verse, he comes right back and closes the song in the most memorable, rewind worthy way possible.

Whew, the thought of this is simply remarkable. It's sad that not only did we not get something like this, but Guru and Pun are no longer with us (RIP to them both). I guarantee you we'd still be talking about this collabo today and when the discussion of greatest posse cuts/collabos are mentioned, this would make each and every list possible. I also could've seen this song clocking in around the 6 minute  mark, never wearing out its welcome, complete with a show stealing, closing verse by Pun. This also would've came out at a time when collaborations meant something, and it's another lost art in today's hip hop scene. Ah, the possibilities.

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