Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A brief review of Lani's "Love Scene"

My homie PR, a still upcoming MC, has an R&B artist under his wing. She goes by the name of Lani, and here I present a review of her debut mixtape, "Love Scene".

The mixtape begins with "Self Assessment," the first of many apply titled songs. Lani has to know what she's getting into before she takes the next step, which is respectable and commendable. Even as a man, I agree that there's nothing wrong with that. Next up,  her style and grace is "impressive" on the song of the same name, showing a true confidence in herself throughout, followed by the mellow and fast paced "So Official." Fellow artists PR and Dolo show up for "I Got You," with it's familiar theme of standing by the one you love and care about (she was feelin it on this one). Continuing on, feeling ignored isn't cool, and she makes this case clear on the nice "Neglected." "Because Of You" may be the best song on the mixtape. She talks about giving her all in a relationship, but when it was over, it left her emotionally drained, doubting herself as to whether she'll be able to love and trust again. Very good song. "Want Me Back" (featuring PR, who also came with a brief but dope verse) seemingly completes a trilogy, if you will, which would include "Neglected" and "Because Of You". That's the vibe I got from listening to those songs.

Rounding out the rest of this dope mixtape is the apply titled "Sick and Tired" (featuring Dolo), which is good and interesting. I also think it's been a while since we've had a somewhat "battle of the sexes" type track these days, but they pull it off well. Her update of Jazmine Sullivan's "Holding You Down (Goin' In Circles)", titled "Roller Coaster," is pretty good. Ms. Sullivan herself would be impressed if she heard this. Closing the mixtape on a positive note is "Think About It." If you have someone good in your life, hold on to them, an inspiring message complete with its throwback vibe. I really liked this one.

Overall, this was a very good, creative mixtape. Lani has a bright future and if she keeps up this good work, she's going to be big not only in VA, but on a nationwide scale. Her voice is nice, her style on the mic is a breath of fresh air considering the type of R&B we get today, and a good portion of these songs on the mixtape are radio-ready in my view. She has the recipe for success and this mixtape is the start of that journey. Good job here Lani and much success to you going forward!! (Below is a link to the mixtape.)

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