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Hip Hop Nostalgia 101, Session 31 (Make Up Work): Too Short's "Life Is... Too Short" (1988)

After the success of1987's "Born To Mack", Too Short returned the next year with album number five.

Release date- January 31, 1988

All songs produced by Too Short, T. Bohanon, R. Austin and Al Eaton

1. Life Is... Too Short

Sample check

"It's yo life, don't be stupid fool!"

This apply titled classic is arguably the song that put Short on the map. It's another one of his songs that is as relevant today as it was in 88.
Grade- A+

2. Rhymes

"If you battlin Short, that's the chance you take/So you betta come fresh and don't be fake"

Short comes with the dope rhymes for this one, over an equally dope beat.
Grade- A

3. I Ain't Trippin

Even at this point in his career, Short wasn't trippin on what anyone said or thought/felt about him. This beat knocks in the ride, but the flow, which was a little too simple, brings this down a notch.
Grade- B

4. Nobody Does It Better

A large part of hip hop then (and now) was hearing artists talk about how dope they were, or braggadocios as some may call it. Short does just that here, coming with a self assured style that made you take him serious.
Grade- B+

5. Oakland

There's nothing wrong with showing love to your hometown, and that's what this was all about for Short.
Grade- B

6. Don't Fight The Feelin
Featuring Danger Zone and Rappin 4 Tay

Sample check
Short says that the women couldn't resist him and his style, only to get the woman's perspective disputing those claims. It wouldn't be the last time we hear a "battle of the sexes" type track on a hip hop album. This was also the debut of Rappin 4 Tay.
Grade- B

7. Cuss Words

There was no shortage of "cuss words" on this one let me tell you, lol. I think this was intended for laughs.
Grade- B

8. City Of Dope

Drugs were an issue all over the country in the mid-late 80s. Short was one of the first to talk about this subject, in his own way of course.
Grade- B+

9. Pimp The Ho

Well, the title certainly tells the story, lol.
Grade- B

10. Outro
Short asked that you support the "Born To Mack" album.

This certified double platinum album (still his highest selling album to date) was truly dope. The "freaky/raunchy" tales had sort of taken a backseat to allow the dope beats and rhymes to be front and center. Short's name would only continue to grow heading into the 1990s.

Final grade- B+

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