Thursday, February 27, 2014

Time to rant

[Picks up mic] Time for a rant y'all, lol. This is in reference to a new song from Rick Ross entitled "Black And White". Did I listen to the song, honestly no (and even if I did it wouldn't change my views on what I'm about to say). This clown said "Trayvon Martin, I'm neva missin my target". SMDH. Now, at first my reaction when I heard about this was, "did he really say that", but immediately afterwards, it hit me that I wasn't hearing things. It's VERY sad and disrespectful when artists have to stoop this low and make IGNORANT comments like this to draw attention to themselves. And right on cue, I knew that when he tried to defend this mess his explanation would MAKE NO SENSE and I was right. Another IGNORANT line that immediately came to mind is Lil Wayne's "beat the pussy up like Emmitt Till", SMH. This is absurb. Now watch this clown throw out an apology when the pressure gets tight, like the last time he said something ignorant in one of his raps, and people will just move on and forget about it like it never happened. IF I'm blowing this out of proportion, enlighten me because there's NO way this can be defended in any sense of the word. This is what happens nowadays when clowns try to be witty, but end up being disrespectful and ignorant in the process, and like he needed to give me one more reason as to why I'm not a fan of his. Hard worker? So what. Nice ear for beats? And???? WHY even bother to go this controversial route in the first place, when you could've EASILY said something (towards the end) like, "may God bless Trayvon Martin and his family, the legacy will live on and we'll never forget you". Now THAT would've made sense, and that's IF it fit in with the song itself. [Drops mic]

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