Friday, January 31, 2014

Wu-Block #4

Ghostface Killah featuring Sheek Louch
"Blue Armor"

Produced By: Fantom of the Beats

  Oh man, this is the song "Movie Niggaz" should've been. Fantom of the Beats' gritty, almost rock styled track is the perfect sound for Sheek and Ghost to go in on. I feel right here is where you begin to see the tight chemistry between Sheek and Ghost.

Hot Lines

"The pamphlet read from 7 to 9, don't hold that weight/Y'all just bait, I'm a fisherman, I own this lake!" -Ghostface Killah

".....Shake double earthquakes, give thanks, give shanks/Word to my mama I cut the grass on you fuckin snakes!" -Ghostface Killah

"Gorilla game, African tribe, Somalian crew/Wit a flow so sick my high temperature will body the flu" -Ghostface Killah

"Ayo, my niggas is wetted, they drunk, and they tryin to eat/The hammers on em and they ain't out lookin for meat" -Sheek Louch

"Yo, tell them niggas on the island, get strapped for me/He'll wet ya and throw the stocking on his face like when he first met ya!" -Sheek Louch

Thumbs way up here. 

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