Friday, December 20, 2013


I wanted to drop this exclusive on you right quick!!! In 2014, I have quite a few projects lined up, but for this particular one, I would like your participation! This revolves around D-Block, so with that being said, of the following four selections, which would you like to see a project on?

The D-Block Project

This will cover both Lox albums (and likely the EP they dropped recently) and all of the group's solo albums. I will not cover the mixtapes, unless I receive a request mid project.

The "Money, Power & Respect" Project

From beginning to end, this would likely be the most in depth analysis of Lox's debut.

The Wu-Block Project

   This is the one that has a lot of promise, and I'm not saying that the others don't, lol! In addition to covering the Wu-Block album itself, I'll also be taking a look at all of the D-Block/Wu-Tang collaborations from the members' respective albums. 

The Jadakiss "Champ Is Here" mixtape series Project

In what would be my first project involving a mixtape, this would cover all 3 parts of Jada's aforementioned "Champ Is Here" series.

The selection with the most votes will be announced in my "Eyes On 2014" post that'll be up next week! Also stay tuned for "Wayne's Best Albums of 2013" (which will be posted on 12/31/13), Session 22 of Hip Hop Nostalgia, which will be Stetsasonic's "In Full Gear", and part 8 of the Jay Z Project, "The Black Album"!!  I look forward to your responses and again thanks for supporting my blog!!


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