Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A brief review of Nickel and Dime OPS' "The Soulygamist"

For starters, much love to Dara Avenius for this recommendation. Check out the following description when it comes to Nickel and Dime OPS, as supplied by Dara:

Nickel and Dime OPS is a jazz infused hip hop band based out of New York City. The group is lead by lyricist, Nickel Killsmics, and features female vocalist, Victoria Cave, alongside a septet of top jazz musicians playing hip hop beats. The combination of thought provoking lyrics and soulful grooves headed by their powerful 3 piece acclaimed horn section has been getting crowd approval at many different venues around the city. 

That description says it all right there. There are only four tracks to be found, so the review itself will be brief. Let's head right into it!

Release date- November 19, 2013

The Promise
This is a very good song, as Nickel talks about making promises and keeping them, something most of us should adhere to if we're not doing so already. The vocals by Victoria along with the hip hop/jazz vibes are well done. 4 out of 5

Death of Superman
It's all about being yourself and doing your absolute best for yourself and those you love. This is the theme here. Nickel is not knocking the original Superman by any means, but rather painting the verbal picture that we should make a difference ourselves and not look to external factors to get everything done, respectively.. 4 out of 5

Solid song, nothing more or less. 3.5 out of 5

The Cure
"This is the cure for the common raps/They takin over the globe, so now we takin it back"

That line from the hook says it all. Admittedly, A LOT of mediocre, watered down hip hop has taken over and it's been that way seemingly for YEARS now with no end in sight. Nickel does his part in wanting to take it back and I commend him for it. 4 out of 5

Four songs does seem short, so you can essentially call it an EP. It's very good throughout. Nickel with the bars, Victoria with the soulful hooks and a nice mix of hip hop/jazz influenced production makes this one a very good listen. The link is provided at the below. Check it out!!audio

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