Monday, December 9, 2013

A brief review of Durag Dynasty's "360 Waves"

Much props go out to James Highsmith for this recommendation. He might've requested I review this one for a while, but make no mistake about it, he knew I'd get to it! Durag Dynasty consists of MCs Planet Asia (whom I'm very familiar with), TriState and Killer Ben. The album is also produced entirely by the extremely underrated and dope Alchemist. Everything sounds good thus far, how will this far in my review? We shall see!

Release date- March 26, 2013

After the "Next One" intro, "Durag Dynasty Theme" serves as a fitting way to start the album ("Durag Dynasty shit is what you get") and dare I say, it may be the best song on the album.

From here, Asia, Ben and TriState bring very dope rhymes to match Alchemist's equally dope production, and that is found throughout. The title track is very good, although it does seem a little long. Uniquely titled songs such as "Tender Greens", "Yasir Arafat" and the closer "Funyons" are also good. In addition to the mic skills of the three MCs and the production acumen of Alchemist, the guests contribute nicely as well. Soft cats, if you will, better beware of the crew and Prodigy on "Fish Meat", Evidence, who sounds completely at home on Alchemist's production, comes nicely on "Spiral Event", while "Trailer Mix" (featuring Phil The Agony), "Goon Call" (featuring Iman Thug) and "Bigger U Are the Harder You Fall" (featuring Alchemist and Big Twinz) are also good.

While there's no real filler to speak of, overall the album is a solid effort from Durag Dynasty. The simple yet effective practice of dope beats and rhymes is on full display here (especially the beats) and with that being said, it can be argued that the album is missing a little bit of cohesiveness. Nevertheless it's good and I would like to see them release another album at some point. 3.5 stars for this album and thanks again to James Highsmith for the recommendation.

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