Monday, November 25, 2013

Going Forward

What's up hip hop nation!!!!! I hope all is well with you going into Thanksgiving 2013. As for me, I'm well, getting ready for the holiday, as well as Christmas 2013 and of course bringing in 2014. Although my plans for 2014 will come in a later post, I just want to touch briefing on the direction I plan to take going forward.

Although I'll still be posting my thoughts and views on current hip hop events, as well as the nostalgic past (you know it!), the direction I plan to take will focus mainly on reviewing/analyzing albums, whether it's past and present reviews (brief and otherwise), projects, etc. I consider this my strength, so why not make that the main focus of my blog, if I haven't done so already, lol?! I'll still accept review requests (which reminds me, the recommendations for Durag Dynasty, Black Milk's latest album, KO-S, and others are still forthcoming) and if you want to contribute to my blog in any fashion, hit me up and I'll be sure to add your contributions to my blog as well!

As usual, I thank you all for all of the support. Take care.

Long live hip hop!!!!!!

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