Thursday, November 14, 2013

A review of Bun B's "Trill OG: The Epilogue"

The fourth and final installment of Bun B's "Trill" series and it's announcement really came out of the blue, to me at least, lol. Bun announced on 10/4/13 he'll be releasing the album on November 11th (I copped this on its release date too), and it's basically going to be material "that either didn't the format of the last album (2010's "Trill OG") or that we decided to save for another project", as quoted by Bun himself. In addition to the stellar UGK discography, Bun has delivered when it comes to his solo albums. His solo debut, 2005's "Trill", was an excellent 4.5 star album, 2008's "II Trill" was also pretty good (4 stars) and the aforementioned "Trill OG", which I copped on the day of its release, also came in at a 4.5 star rating (I disagreed with The Source magazine awarded it 5 stars). How will this album measure of to the previous three? We shall find out.


1. The Best Is Back
Produced By: Steve Below 

Wow, this TIGHT opener is vintage Bun B and he definitely shows he's back.
4 out of 5

2. Cake 
Featuring Big K.R.I.T., Pimp C, & Lil Boosie
Produced By: Big K.R.I.T.

Well there's definitely no shortage of cake/money on this song, assisted by posthumous Pimp C vocals, Big K.R.I.T. and Lil Boosie, whose verse I could've done without.
3 out of 5

3. Fire
Featuring Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, & Serani
Produced By: The BlackOut Movement

Yes I am about to say that a song with Rick Ross and 2 Chainz on it is fire. I like the reggae styled vibes here. Bun kills it and surprisingly for 2 cats I'm not a fan of, Ross and Chainz' verses weren't that bad
4 out of 5

4. No Competition
Featuring Raekwon & Kobe
Produced By: DJ Khalil

Bun and Rae show some very good chemistry on this apply titled song. Not too many of today artists would be a match for these two veterans.
4 out of 5

5. Don't Play With Me
Featuring Pimp C
Produced By: Steve Below
I like the way Below utilized Pimp's line from "Swishas & Doshas" for the hook. Another apply titled song. Bun definitely is not to be played with on the mic.
4 out of 5

6. Gladiator
Featuring Truck Buck
Produced By: Steve Below

 More vintage Bun B on this rock infused joint.
3.5 out of 5

7. Stop Playin
Featuring Redman & Royce da 5'9
Produced By: Mr. Inkredible

There are NO games with this awesome 3 man show, needless to say, all 3 MCs deliver over Inkredible's nice track.
4 out of 5 <---- This rating may change at some point.

8. Triller
Featuring Kirko Bangz
Produced By: Big E

I almost considered this a follow up to "Trillionaire" from the "Trill OG" album. Who's more triller than Bun?
4 out of 5

9.  Dippin & Swervin
Produced By: Play-N-Skillz

What more can I say?! This is more vintage Bun B and it's still dope.
4 out of 5

10.  On One
Featuring Devin the Dude & Gator Main
Produced By: Big E

Usually when there's a Southern styled, female track, you'll find Devin the Dude somewhere close by and that's the case here, lol. It's not a bad song, but at this point, once you've heard a song like this, you've heard them all.
3 out of 5

11. The Legendary DJ Screw
Featuring ESG, C-Note, Lil-O, Trae tha Truth, Z-Ro & Big Hawk
Produced By: Big E

This was a nice, heartfelt tribute to the late DJ Screw, pioneer of the "chopped & screwed" concept. While I respected DJ Screw for his accomplishments prior to his death, I've never been a fan of "chopped & screwed" and that'll likely never changed. I certainly don't feel any kind of way towards anyone who likes it.
4 out of 5

12. Bye
Produced By: Steve Below

This closer was just as hard as the opener and it ends things on a dope note.
3.5 out of 5

The first thing I want to say is, in my view, NONE of these songs sound like they were "from the vault" or didn't make the "Trill OG" album. All of these songs definitely sound new, so I have to disagree with Bun in that these songs "didn't fit the format of the last album or that we decided to save for another project", I feel these songs were recorded between 2012 and this year. Overall, it's pretty good and I like it a little more than "Trill OG", which would cause a small issue, lol, because I've always gave that album 4.5 stars and I'm awarding 4 stars to this one. As I mentioned a few times in the review, this entire album is vintage Bun B and that's what you're going to get at this point in his career, which has been stellar. Dope lyrics over southern fried production, what more can you ask for!

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