Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A brief review of MF Grimm's "American Hunger" [Disc 3]

Here's the review for the third and final disc.

The third disc begins with "American Hunger (The Last Supper)", and with Grimm speeding up and slowing down his flow throughout this one, it closes out "American Hunger" intro series on a good note. Speaking of series, the interrelated "Children of Cain" and "Children of Abel" are very good songs, again flexing his strong storytelling muscles, and the same can be said about "Adam & Eve". In case you're wondering, he's not coming from a biblical perspective, but those three songs must be heard to be appreciated. Additional tight songs can be found on this disc, such as another politically charged song in "Government of Deception" (it really gives you the feeling that former president George W. Bush means the exact opposite of what he's saying), the Ill Bill and Block McCloud assisted "Karma", along with its tight rock vibe, "Manhattan Murder" and the very good "Revolution", which has an old school, upbeat vibe, although the song ends almost as you're getting into it. Rounding out the rest of the disc are the apply titled "Heaven Can Wait", "Ten Stories" and "Simple Rhyme", the latter of which would've been the best way to close the album, but instead that honor goes to the unnecessarily long "Book Of Daniel". 

And much like the first two discs, it does come with its share of filler, "Life Me Up (Snakes & Ladders)" immediately comes to mind. "Give" is ok, but nothing special, and the feel good vibe is a welcomed addition, something about it to me just felt out of place. "Everything" (featuring Block McCloud, Majesty, Mr. Met and Baron) could've been another tight posse cut, but instead it's just another typical female song, just like "Brand New".

Overall, it was quite ambitious to pull off a triple album, but MF Grimm pulls it off here. Although it does have filler on all three discs, it's not the same thing over and over again and that's one of the things I like the most about this album. I appreciate the recommendation and my final rating overall would be a solid 4 stars.

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