Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A brief review of K-OS' "Joyful Rebellion"

I received this "alternative hip hop" album as a recommendation courtesy. Prior to this review, I had never heard of Canadian artist KO-S (pronounced "chaos"), so this right here should be interesting. This is KO-S' second album, produced entirely by Kevin Edmonds.

Release date- August 13, 2004

 "EMCEE Murdah" is a good opener and I couldn't picture any other song on this album starting it off so well ("hip hop's not dead, it's all in the mind of the MC"). 

The following song, "Crucial" is also very good (much like this album). I really liked the reggae vibes on this one, as well as how he detail his life experiences. Speaking of reggae, KO-S also does a very good job of incorporating hip hop, jazz, soul and reggae on this album. Continuing on, there's more good to be found, such as the VERY brief "Clap Ur Handz", the throwback vibe of "B-Boy Stance" and "Man I Used To Be". The latter song, while excellent, is one of those songs you definitely have to take your time with, and what I gather from it is that while he's talking about reverting back to his "old way of self", it also sounds as if he wants to not only get back to it, but leave it all behind at the same time. There have been songs with the "One Blood" title over the years, but KO-S brings an interesting twist to it, titling it "One Blood (Jiggy Homicide)", and I also really liked how he brought a Mos Def esque vibe to "Commandante" and "the Love Song", both very good songs.

Although it may sound like it on the surface, it's not entirely a flawless album. I simply didn't care for "Dirty Water" and the closer "Papercutz/The Mirror" was simply TOO long, clocking in at the 15 minute mark.

Overall, the thought provoking lyrics, the incorporation of hip hop, jazz, reggae and soul, little to no filler, and very good production brings this to a solid 4 star rating and a recommendation from me as well. Check it out if you get a chance!

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