Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A brief review of MF Grimm's "American Hunger" [Disc 2]

Here's the review of disc 2.

The opener "American Hunger (Lunch)" finds him expanding on the "Breakfast" piece from the first disc and it's just as good, although it seemingly ends before he was ready for it to do so. Speaking of good, Large Professor units with MF on the appropriately titled "United", and it's dope, possibly the best song on this disc. I really liked "Traveling", which features Kurious, Lord Smog and Bashton The Invizabul Mang, as the theme behind it is very interesting, "ride your dreams out, the new way of traveling". The next collabo was ok, but nothing special, and that's "Boing", which features MF Mez and Parrish "PMD" Smith, who says nothing we haven't heard before during his verse. 

MF brings some of what made the first disc so good to the second. "Playground" finds him talking about the loss of a loved one and reminiscing on the past. "I Love You" is quite brilliant, here he uses characters from my #2 and #3 favorite movies of all time, "The Godfather" and "The Godfather Part 2", and turning it into his own descriptive story. Other songs such as "Master Builders" and "Who Rock" are good too. Unfortunately there's a little more filler on this second disc. "It's No Secret" and "Things I've Said" are two typical female songs, wasn't too impressed with those. They were different from the average female songs if nothing else. "Everyone" and "Vultures" could've been left off, and the same can be said about "Agony (No Jugamos)", which made me shake my head, however, the follow up to "Agony"  (Dark Skies) was better, but that's not saying much.

The second disc, while having a few highlights, is almost a step down from the first. We'll see how the album rounds out overall when I get to disc 3.

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