Friday, October 25, 2013

A brief review of MF Grimm's "American Hunger" [Disc 1]

This is another "double" recommendation I received, so to start much props to Pedro Hernandez and Nicolas Johns from the HipHopForLife group on Facebook! What led to this recommendation was me asking a question about double albums and whether any of them released over the years in hip hop were justified in their lengths or not. As it turns out, not only is this my first experience with MF Grimm's material, but this is the actual first triple album in hip hop history, and unfortunately considering how quietly this was released, it may never get its due in that area. What I'll be doing is splitting this review into three parts and my final rating will be determined at the end of part 3. So with all that being said, let's see how the first disc turned out!

We begin things with the opener titled "American Hunger (Breakfast)" and it's good, as he details the issues we faced in America circa 2006, and just listening to it, most of those same issues can be applied to our country today in 2013. In a song I definitely can relate to, "When Faith Is Lost" is quite excellent, as the theme "when in doubt, turn to your better half" is certainly the cause for motivation if you have a significant other. I also liked the politically charged "I'd Rather Be Wrong". He's essentially delivering a wake up call and making sure we're aware of what's going on not only in our country, but the world overall. Lyrically and subject matter wise, he has something for everyone, which includes apply titled songs such as "The Life I Lead", "My Mentality", "Yes Or No" and "Still My Love". He brings a personal touch on "The Trees" (the idea of "seeds" and "growing" is explained in a simple yet effective form) and intricate storytelling on "My Mother's Heart". "Right There", "Steal It", "I Don't Know", "Street General" and the posse cut "M.I.C." (featuring Monsta Island Czars) are all good songs.

Even with those highlights, disc one is not totally flawless. I could not get with the rock infused vibes of "Page Six", and I like the idea behind "Watch Out" (beware of snitches), however I didn't like the execution and I wasn't sure if he was going for laughs while trying to be serious at the same time.

Wow, the first disc is pretty good, although a few of the songs weren't as good as others. If I rated this by itself, I'd likely give it 4 stars. Stay tuned for the review of disc 2.

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