Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Redman Project Part 8: Reggie

And here we are, the final part of the Redman project, the "Reggie" album, probably the least talked about album in Red's discography. Not only did I pre-order this album in late 2010, but I've only listened to this album once, which was that same day it arrived in the mail, lol. So, this was actually be my second time listening to it, and with it being 2 1/2 years since it's release, we'll definitely see if time has been kind to it a bit or if there was a reason why I haven't revisited this album in such a long time. 

Release date- December 7, 2010

1. Reggie (Intro)
Produced By: Team Ready & The Futuristiks
This was a brief, but dope intro (of course), now let's see if the remainder of this album can carry this same (dope) momentum.

2. That's Where I B (featuring DJ Kool)
Produced By: Ty Fyffe & Efrain "F.A.M.E" Rodriguez

No matter where he is, Red is all over the place, and that's clear on this tight song and a damn good way to follow that intro. 
4 out of 5

3. Def Jammable
Produced By: DJ Khalil

This was good, nothing more.
3.5 out of 5

4. Full Nelson (featuring Ready Roc, Saukrates & Runt Dawg)
Produced By: Tone Mason

Auto tuned hook aside, this was dope, and anytime Red's Gilla House proteges, in this case Roc and Saukrates, are on a track with him, they seemed inspired and energetic.
4 out of 5

5. Lift It Up
Produced By: J. Rob

This more or less sounded like Red was aiming for something to hit the radio, and it didn't. It's not wack by any means, but rather than say this was nothing we haven't heard before, something was missing. I can't quite put my finger on what it was though.
2.5 out of 5

6. All I Do (featuring Faith Evans)
Produced By: Freak!!

I'm usually an admitted sucker for songs where the artist talks about his/her love for hip hop, and this is no different. Faith was nice on the hook also.
4 out of 5

7. Lemme Get 2 (featuring Saukrates)
Produced By: Rich Kidd

Man, was it me or did Saukrates have the better verse in this song? It sure sounded like it. The song is good for the most part.
3 out of 5

8. Mic, Lights, Camera, Action
Produced By: Rockwilder

Rockwilder's beat was almost a little too futuristic, if there is such a thing, even for 2010. This was ok, but nothing more.
3 out of 5

9. Cheerz (featuring Ready Roc and Melanie Rutherford)
Produced By: M-Phazes

"Cheers" to hip hop, that's the theme for this one. Two dedications to hip hop on one album is not a bad thing at all.
4 out of 5

10. Rockin Wit Da Best
Produced By: ThreeSixty

This was very good, especially with the Kool Moe Dee vocals on the hook. Red came with the punchlines too, hence the title "rockin wit da best".
4 out of 5

11. Lite 1 Witcha Boi (featuring Method Man & Bun B)
Produced By: Mr. Pyro & The Audibles

Loyal reader, at this point in the Redman project, look at that title. Do you REALLY have to ask what this song is about, lol? Like I always seem to type to end a song like this, the smokers should love this one. It's the best song on the album.
4 out of 5

12. When The Lites Go Off (featuring Pooh Bear)
Produced By: King David       
Again, this is another one of those songs where it's ok, but nothing more.
3 out of 5

13. Tiger Style Crane
Produced By: The Fyre DEPT.

The title of this closer would suggest a Wu-Tang styled track, and that's exactly what this is. Dopeness.
4 out of 5

Going into this album, Red stated that there would be more "poppish" type songs than his usual ruff and rugged offerings, and to a certain (small) extent, I agree with that. You'll also notice that there was no production from Erick Sermon, no humorous skits, or a 7th installment in the "Sooperman Luva" series. Does that affect this album in some form? It does, but not in a major way. I may have shortchanged the album just a little bit, because while it's not on the level of any of his previous albums, it's not as bad as people have said. It's very good, but not excellent, which results in a solid 3.5 star rating.

Well, we have come to the end of the Redman project, which was a pleasure to put together. As of this post, Red still plans to release "Muddy Waters 2: Even Muddier", which I'm really anticipating, and hopefully he and Meth will do a third "Blackout" album. I can't thank Red enough for a mostly stellar discography!!!! Salute!!!

Whut Thee Album (5 stars)
Dare Iz A Darkside (5 stars)
Muddy Waters (5 stars)
Doc's Da Name 2000 (4.5 stars)
Malpractice (4 stars)
Red Gone Wild: Thee Album (4 stars)
Reggie (3.5 stars)     

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