Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hip Hop Nostalgia 101, Session 15: Salt N Pepa - A Salt With A Deadly Pepa (1988)

Fresh off of the momentum of their successful 1987 debut "Hot, Cool & Vicious," Salt N Pepa were clearly a force to be reckoned with. Not because they were women, but because they were very good at what they did, and of course they looked good while doing it. So today's session I'll be discussing their sophomore album, "A Salt With A Deadly Pepa," featuring Spinderella, who would later become part of the group. Let's head back in time!

Release date- August 2, 1988

Produced entirely by Hurby Luv Bug

1. Intro Jam

2. A Salt With A Deadly Pepa

This was a very good way to start the album after a VERY brief intro. A Salt with a deadly Pepa indeed.
Grade- B

3. I Like It Like That

This was a decent song, nothing more. They were a little more aggressive this time around, especially Pepa.
Grade- C 

 4. Solo Power (Let's Get Paid)

Salt did a fine job with her first solo. I liked this one a lot.
Grade- A+

5. Shake Your Thang
Featuring E.U.

Remember E.U., who brought us the classic "Da Butt?" Well, his presence worked on this hit single too. Classic, and it'll still cold rock a party today.
Grade- A+

6. I Gotcha 

I got, pun intended, lol, what they were going for on this rock infused song, but it almost sounded like they were trying a little too hard on this one.
Grade- D

7. Let the Rhythm Run (Remix)

Salt and Pepa definitely let the rhythm run on this upbeat, fast paced song. When the beat matched their sense of inspiration, it always worked.
Grade- A

8. Get Up Everybody (Get Up)

Another classic right here. You can't do nothing but "get up" when you hear this one.
Grade- A+

9. Spinderella's Not A Fella (But A Girl DJ)

I loved how Salt and Pepa talked about Spinderella's tight skills on the turntables, what I call "biggin up their DJ." And did Pepa throw a shot at the late Jam Master Jay at the time, by essentially saying Spin was just as good, lol? Sounded like it to me, but it was all in fun and competition. Speaking of Spinderella, I feel she deserves a lot more credit for her role as one of the first female DJs in hip hop.
Grade- A+

10. Solo Power (Syncopated Soul)

Pepa's solo was good, but not better than Salt's in my view.
Grade- B

11. Twist and Shout

Oh man, hip hop's version of The Beatles' "Twist and Shout" could've only been pulled off by Salt N Pepa.
Grade- A+

12. Hyped on the Mic

   They were definitely hyped on the mic for this closer.
Grade- B

First things first,  this was not on the level of "Hot, Cool & Vicious," but man it was close. Lyrically Salt and Pepa still pretty much brought the same thing to the table, but with a little more aggression this time around, and yes it worked. Hit, classic singles such as "Twist and Shout," "Shake Your Thang" and "Get Up Everybody (Get Up)" helped this album reach its certified Gold status. Job well done.

Final Grade- B+

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