Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Countdown of my Top 30 Best Openers (#4)

Jay-Z - Intro/A Million And One Questions/Rhyme No More

After the "Carlito's Way" influenced intro by Pain In Da Ass, we head right into the first of two DJ Premier bangers in the form of this TIGHT intro from Jay-Z.

Is he gon ever fall off? (NO)
How is he for real? 
Is that n**** really paid?
Is it true he slay the beef and slept wit a tec?
What's the position you hold?
Can you really match a triple platinum artist buck by buck, but only your single goin gold?
Is he back to chargin muthaf***** 11 for an O?

"Can I get a minute to breathe?" (Jay then asks)

Not quite a million, but you get the picture, lol. And "Rhyme No More" puts the finishing touch on one slammin intro.

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