Thursday, September 19, 2013

Countdown of my Top 30 Best Openers (#1)

And now......

My pick for the best opener of all time is..................

Wu-Tang Clan - Bring Da Ruckus

"Shaolin shadowboxin, and the Wu-Tang sword style
If what you say is, the Shaolin and the Wu-Tang could be dangerous
Do you think your Wu-Tang sword CAN DEFEAT ME?!"

That memorable quote brings us to my #1 pick for the BEST opener of all time, and I've said before, if THIS did NOT get you amped for the rest of the album, something is/was wrong, lol! After RZA brings the hook in, Ghost waists NO time setting it off ("Ghostface, catch the blast of a hype verse.....!"), with Raekwon, Inspectah Deck, and GZA RIGHT behind him with strong verses. This is a prime example of HOW to begin an album and Wu-Tang set it off PERFECTLY.

And that completes my Top 30 Best Openers countdown!! As always, you can add in any picks I might've missed. It was fun doing this countdown.

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