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The Redman Project Part 2: Dare Iz A Darkside

After his classic 1992 debut "Whut Thee Album", Redman returned two years later with another highly anticipated album, "Dare Iz A Darkside". Now, one glance at that album cover at the time, I automatically knew Redman was going to give us something unique, but still dope at the same time. The production here was largely handled by Red himself and Erick Sermon again (nothing bad about that at all), and one thing I want to highlight before I begin with talking about the album is my rating for it. Over the years, I have went from 4.5 stars to 5 stars and back. Part 2 of this project will determine my rating once and for all!

Release date- November 22, 1994

1. Dr. Trevis
The album picks up where "Whut Thee Album" left off, and that's with a BRIEF audio clip of "Encore, and from there we head right into the intro from Dr. Trevis, which certainly sets the tone for this album.

2. Bobyahed2dis (Produced By: Reggie Noble and Rockwilder)
 "And I don't have to be a special ed to get dumb!"
Well, it was a GOOD decision to start this album with this banger, and if you weren't bobbin ya head to dis, you were listening to the wrong song, lol. With that being said, Red wastes no time with dopeness on the mic.
5 out of 5

3. Journey Throo Da Darkside (Produced By: Reggie Noble, Co-Produced By: Erick Sermon)
Well, this was a dope ass, lyrical journey through the darkside I can tell you that, and it was a nice follow up to "Bobyahed2dis".
5 out of 5

4. Da Journee (Produced By: Reggie Noble)
I told you that this was something unique, lol. In this case, look at the title of the previous song, then look at this one. Different huh, lol? It's all good, plus he was a little more relaxed on this song. The (dope) journee continues!
4 out of 5

5. A Million And 1 Buddah Spots (Produced By: Erick Sermon, Co-Produced By: Redman)
Man, throw this joint on in your ride, turn the volume up, and not only will you find yourself bobbin ya head, but it serious KNOCKS, no question about that. Red drops a few funny lines here, but overall it's still incredibly dope.
5 out of 5

6. Noorotic (Produced By: Rockwilder, Co-Produced By: Redman)

"Talkin shit about me when I'm drivin by slowly
Sayin I'm this and that when half y'all punks don't even know me
Now just for that I'll let ya girl suck my d*** from the back
And let ya moms give me cornrows on my crack
Cause I'm nasty like that!"

LOL, wow Red! I still laugh at that one every time I listen to it. Aside from the dope/humorous lines from Red here, I feel the most notable part of this song is in the middle, when he stops the record, proceeds to "have VERY brief sex with a woman", then jump back on the mic. Now THAT was unheard of in 1994, and I doubt it's been tried since, even by Red himself, lol!
4 out of 5

7. Boodah Session

8. Cosmic Slop (featuring Erick Sermon & Keith Murray, Produced By: Reggie Noble, Co-Produced By: Erick Sermon)
To this day, I STILL have NO idea what a "cosmic slop" is, lol. Other than that, we have the three members of the Def Squad in full force. All 3 have dope verses, but I feel Keith Murray may have stole the show on this one.
4 out of 5

9. Rockafella (R.I.P.)
I would find out years after later that the guy on this brief interlude was a rapper that Redman had taken under his wing, but he died under circumstances I'm still not aware of as I type this. I've always said that this brief sample showed what he was capable of, and he was pretty dope flowing over this beat. RIP

10. Rockafella (Produced By: Reggie Noble)

"Are there any more imitators in the house? There are no
Buss like NBA Jam so you can have Chicago"

One of the more underrated Redman joints right here. Dope all around.
5 out of 5

11. Green Island (Produced By: Reggie Noble)
Man, again, Red is so hilariously dope here, including a rather funny "verse" by Uncle Quilly towards the end, which I HAVE to quote here:

 "Now sit your big ass down cause I don't know about this rap stuff
There wasn't rap when I was pickin cotton, sayin massah
Y'all young whippersnappas, wit ya caps on backwards
Man, y'all fuck around wit Quilly I'll kick a bone out yo ass quick
Watch out now, I ain't bullshittin
I represent the O O O O OGs from 43 gotdammit
And if you keep on wit that dirty mistreatin
I'm gon whoop yo ass till ya heart stop beatin gotdammit!"


Like I said before, he makes you laugh, but at the same time you can never deny those skills on the mic.
5 out of 5

12. Basically (Produced By: Reggie Noble)
Red does drop jewels on this one, not to mention asking a few legit questions, and STILL being humorous at the same time. Wow.  I'm actually torn on the rating, lol.
4.5-5 out of 5

13. Can't Wait (Produced By: Erick Sermon, Co-Produced By: Redman)
Over a NICELY used, unmistakable Mary Jane Girls sample, "All Night Long", this is classic Redman, one of his most popular songs overall.  And the ending of this song is one of many things that sums up Redman in one fell swoop:

"Word to Dan Tan Pillow and Cool B
Switchin speeds like Bruce Lee ridin a Fuji in a movie
I drop it on the one, fuck the two, three
Funky like a box of coochies on loose leaf"

"Yo yo, I said switchin up speeds, like Bruce Lee, ridin a Fuji, in a movie. Ah heh, I be sayin some shit. Now, if you did't get it, laugh now, AND THEN FIGURE THE SHIT OUT WHEN YOU GET HOME!!!!!" (Laughs)


5 out of 5

14. Winicumuhround (Produced By: Erick Sermon, Co-Produced By: Reggie Noble)
The dopeness continues. Kinda hard to follow "Can't Wait" though.
4 out of 5

15. Wuditlooklike (Produced By: Reggie Noble)
You know, the next time I talk to one of my homeboys, I'm going to ask this question, "wuditlooklike", lol, thanks to this good song. He answers this question throughout the song too.
4 out of 5

16. Slide And Rock On (Produced By: Reggie Noble)
Red invites you to "slide and rock on", on this apply titled song.
4 out of 5

17. Sooperman Luva II (Produced By: Reggie Noble)
The adventures of Sooperman Luva continues on the second part of this humorously dope series.
5 out of 5

18. We Run N.Y. (featuring Hurricane Gee,  Produced By: Reggie Noble)
Well, Red does his thing as usual here, however, with all due respect, Hurricane Gee adds nothing to this song. The effort was there, but lyrically she wasn't saying much.
4 out of 5

19. Dr. Trevis (Signs Off)

20. Tonight's Da Nite (Reprise) Produced By: Reggie Noble
What a dope reprise/closing this was. Almost sounded like it could've made "Whut Thee Album".
5 out of 5

Wow, now I can see why I've always said that this was my favorite Redman album (and trust me, that's going to be CHALLENGED when I get to "Muddy Waters" next). I can already tell you that I'm going with the full monty on this one, re-awarding it the 5 star rating, yes indeed! The "dark" vibe that Redman went for on this album WORKED. Even though it may have turned a few fans off (I doubt it after all these years), he embraced a new direction for his sophomore album, and it was a smart move to not remain with it for the rest of his career, because chances are it would've grown tiresome very quickly. I can also honestly say that this may be his most creative album. Of course the dope beats and rhymes, and the WELL TIMED humor were all still present, but there's a (newly recognized) creative energy on this album that you don't get on his debut or the albums that followed, respectively, and that's what makes it SO good. The numbers definitely didn't lie, as the album was certified Gold in January of 1995, some two months after its release. Overall, 5 stars for this album. It's still dope as hell and has aged very well.

Stay tuned for part 3, "Muddy Waters"!!!!!


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