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The Redman Project Part 1: Whut Thee Album

After previous projects on Masta Ace, Rakim, Ghostface Killah, and The Notorious B.I.G., all of whom are in my top 10 favorite MCs of all time, I'm back at it again with another project for an MC that's in my top 10, and that would be Redman! After lacing EPMD's "Hardcore" from their third album, "Business As Usual", all eyes were on his 1992 debut "Whut Thee Album". and with most of the production handled by Erick Sermon (and Red himself), along with the DOPE lyrics to match, this was definitely a can't miss project. So without further ado, let's get to part 1 of the Redman project!!

Release date: September 22, 1992

All songs produced by Redman & Erick Sermon

1. Psycho Ward
This Dr. Trevis, one of Redman's alter ego's if you ask me, sets this intro with a tone all but saying, "prepare for what your ears are about to witness!"

2. Time 4 Sum Aksion
"Let's get ready to rumble!!!!!!"

Talk about one HELL of a classic opener, and whoever made the decision to start the album with this deserves a lot of credit. MOST Redman songs will fall under the simple, yet effective practice, if you will, of dope beats and rhymes, and this song is one of them!
5 out of 5

3. Da Funk
This song sort of ends abruptly, but it's still good. "Da funk" indeed.
4 out of 5

4. News Break

5. So Ruff
A lot of Red's songs will be apply/appropriately titled, and this is a good example. Over a nice beat with oh so familiar samples courtesy of Parliament, Red is nice on the mic, and he also has a sense of humor but STILL tight with his. More on this later.
5 out of 5

6. Rated "R"
Red might've named this song "Rated R", but he's ANYTHING BUT restricted on this song. Most of his lines may make you laugh here, but he's still hardcore/grimey with his and that comes across clearly. 
5 out of 5

7. Watch Yo Nuggets (featuring Erick Sermon)
Over another nice Parliament sample ("Atomic Dog"), this is more dopeness. I still can't help but laugh at Sermon's "singing" in the middle ("Heyyy...... Erick Sermon........ heyyyaaayyyyy!"). Also, Red's verse is SO humorously dope.
5 out of 5

8. Psycho Dub
"Just relax"

9. Jam 4 U
I remember saying a few weeks ago, as of this posting, that this was my least favorite song on the album. Well, I changed my mind, lol! The dopeness continues.
5 out of 5

10. Blow Your Mind

"Press rewind if I haven't blow ya mind!!!!!"

This is another one of Red's most memorable songs. still holds up today. I love that Gap Band sample from "Outstanding" too.
5 out of 5

11.  Hardcore
This is the verse that started it all.
5 out of 5

12. Funky Uncles
Red starts a trend with the hilarious skits that would be a focal point of his albums, almost of much as the music. The music still comes first though!

13. Redman Meets Reggie Noble 
The title says it all and it's rather interesting. We don't see this type of creativity in hip hop anymore.
5 out of 5

14. Tonight's Da Night

"Now turn the volume a notch, and watch da ba bump, ba bump, make ya speakers pump!"

Classic, and again, another one of Red's most memorable songs and it's one of my favorites by him. 
5 out of 5

15. Blow Your Mind (Remix)
Not as dope as the original, but still worth a listen of course.
5 out of 5

16. I'm A Bad

 "My song still pumps even though it's not mastered bitch!!"

I kinda look at this as an "unofficial" continuation of "Rated R".
5 out of 5

17. Sessed One Night
18. How To Roll A Blunt (Co-Produced By: Pete Rock)
Well, like you need to know what this song is about. All the smokers can relate to this one, no doubt.
5 out of 5

19. Sooper Luver Interview
This interview leads up into......

20. A Day of Sooperman Lover

"I smoke mad n***** so to hell wit cigarettes!"

And so, this would be the first part in the Sooperman Lover, and it serves as one hell of an introduction.
5 out of 5 

21. Encore
This becomes important as we head into Red's 1994 sophomore album, "Dare Iz A Darkside".

Man, I like this album more and more each time I listen to it, even though it's been part of my collection for years. Not only is the production a NICE mix of hip hop and classic R&B/Soul and funk samples, Redman is ON POINT when he's on the mic, combining hardcore/ruff rhymes with an unmatched sense of humor. He makes you laugh most of the time, but make no mistake about it, there's no one like him when he's flowing, and this debut is a PRIME example of that. Straight classic and of course it still holds up today.

5 stars

Next up.............. "Dare Iz A Darkside"


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