Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My #10 favorite MC of all time

Well, I must ask, did you see this one coming?! Probably not, lol, but yes, on this very day, after a somewhat lengthy process, my top 10 favorite MCs of all time list is FINALLY complete. The MC who gets the 10th slot is the legendary teacha, the Blastmaster KRS-One. What more can be said about this man that hasn't been said by myself (courtesy of this post and others? His track record is almost untouchable with an impressive string of classic albums and hits, and his ability to teach, pun intended, motivate, and bring awareness to hip hop culture is remarkable. If I ever ran a "hip hop university", Kris would be the first person I would attempt to contact, no question. Even as he gets older and wiser, his contributions to hip hop will never go unnoticed and his (future) spot in the Hip Hop Hall of Fame is all but cemented.

Favorite BDP album

Favorite KRS solo album

Favorite BDP/KRS song (of all time)

Post "I Got Next"
After a respectable number of mostly excellent albums, from "Criminal Minded" to "I Got Next", the following four albums I did manage to add to my collection, although it was a little late (better late than never). Allow me to share some brief thoughts.
This is an excellent album album, and coming after the likes of "The Mix Tape", "Spiritual Minded", "The Sneak Attack", and "Prophets vs. Profits", this was his best album since 1997's "I Got Next". One of my favorite songs on the album is "Underground". 4 stars.

Dope album from KRS and Buckshot, HUGELY slept on when it came out in 2009. I'm still undecided on my rating for this album, but I may settle for 4 stars at this point. "Robot" is my joint!

I recently "Spotified" this album, but before that, I listened to the brief samples on the Amazon site. Disregarding those samples, lol, I went ahead and played it on Spotify, and I liked it a lot. KRS displayed very good chemistry with the underrated True Master (behind the boards), another slept on, 4 star album.

This is another album where I listened to the samples on Amazon first, then checked it out on Spotify, and by the time you finish reading this post, it'll be part of my collection! Straight dopeness all around, and I recommend it to those who haven't heard it before. 4 stars for this one too.

(I *may* revisit the album he did with Marley Marl (Hip Hop Lives), as well as the album with Bumpy Knuckles (Royalty Check). 

And there you have it, KRS-One completes my list of top 10 favorite MCs of all time! It wasn't rushed either, lol.

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