Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hip Hop Nostalgia 101, Session 7: Stetsasonic - On Fire (1986)

Prince Paul, Daddy-O, Frukwan, Wise, DBC, Bobby Simmons, and MC Delite make up Stetsasonic (originally known as The Stetson Brothers). They were the first hip hop group to utilize a live band and they did it SO well, or you can say they were the first live hip hop band, preceding The Roots, who also did it well. The release date of this album is unknown to this day, not to mention it's been quite some time since I've played this one. Let's get to today's session!

All songs produced by Stetsasonic

1. 4 Ever My Beat (Frukwan, Daddy-O, & Delite)
This was a very good way to begin the album, with the aforementioned three members all talking about their love for the beat. Now when I think about it, it's been quite some time since we've heard any type of songs where the artists are professing their love for the beat. 
Grade- A

2. My Rhyme (Frukwan, Daddy-O, & Delite)
Simple, yet effective, straight to the point. The title pretty much says it all. Delite does his thing here (and you can tell he was influenced already by LL Cool J based on how he rhymes here), but you cannot deny the energy of Daddy-O and Frukwan.
Grade- B+

3. Just Say Stet (Frukwan, Daddy-O, & Delite)
Again, simple and straight to the point. Nothing wrong with "crew love and support", as well as the beat box throughout the song.
Grade- B+

4. Faye (Daddy-O)
What we have hear is the story about Faye, the girl from around the way, mixed in with beat box and a bit of reggae influence. Decent.
Grade- C

5. 4 Ever My Mouth (Interlude)

6. Rock De La Stet (Frukwan, Daddy-O, & Delite)  
Once Run-DMC became successful when merging hip hop and rock, you knew others would follow suit, and that's what we get here. I give them points on energy and effort, but when compared to the hits that Run-DMC made, it falls a little short.
Grade- C

7. Go Stetsa I (Frukwan, Daddy-O, & Delite) 
True classic right here, as you get the instruments being worked in a true break beat form, featuring one of their best performances.
Grade- A+
8. On Fire (Frukwan, Daddy-O, Delite)
The lyrics and beat were "on fire" for this one, so they chose a very good 
Grade- A

9. Bust That Groove (Frukwan, Daddy-O, Delite)
The energy is on full display here, as they no doubt "bust the groove" 
over a nice Prince Paul track.
Grade- B+
10. Paul's Groove (Daddy-O)
Basically an outro, with Daddy-O flowing nicely over the "On Fire" track.
For their debut album, Stetsasonic did a pretty good job all around, 
definitely earning the title of "hip hop's first live band". "Go Stetsa I"
is clearly the highlight on this album, but they would only
get better from here.
Final Grade- B 

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