Saturday, June 15, 2013

A review of Kanye West's "Yeezus"

Wow, I can't even begin to say whether this album is anticipated or not. Going into it, putting the guy's attitude aside (mostly because I still consider myself a big fan), I was hype for this, but after hearing "I Am A God" and "New Slaves" for the first time, I wasn't sure what to think about those songs, and honestly didn't know whether I liked them or not. I can't recall having more indifference going into an album than I do now, and I'm clearly not sure what to expect. Let's get to it shall we! 

And one more thing, the following "album cover" is perhaps one of the most unique covers I've ever seen.

1. On Sight (Produced By: Daft Punk)
On man, this was one ODD as hell opening let me tell you. Kanye says NOTHING new lyrically and Daft Punk's beat is ALL over the place, not to mention an ill timed interruption in the middle of the song, and even then I can't explain what that was (all about) and why it took place. This was NOT a good start. 1 out of 5

2. Black Skinhead (Produced By: Daft Punk, Co-Produced By: Mike Dean & Travis Scott)
Um, what in the hell did I just listen to? I'm not sure if he's trying to kick knowledge, or equate himself as a God, or equate the Black man to God, I don't know, and I'm certainly not going to rack my brain to try to figure this out either. His ending the song by saying "God" over and over was weird to say the least. 1.5 out of 5

3. I Am A God (featuring Justin Vernon, Produced By: Daft Punk, Co-Produced By: Kanye West, Rick Rubin, Hudson Mohawke, Mike Dean, & Travis Scott
Well, this one is about as apply titled as they come, and again, I'm not sure what to think of it. I mean, I'll give him points on, uh, aggressive delivery, and I can't even begin to say whether that's welcomed on a song like this. 1.5 out of 5

4. New Slaves (featuring Frank Ocean, Produced By: Daft Punk, Co-Produced By: K. West, H. Mohawke, & M. Dean)
Well, WEIRD Frank Ocean ending aside, I kinda liked this one, if only for his delivery. I don't think I agree with the "new slaves" mentality if you will. And speaking of the ending to this song, again, it's odd as hell and I'm NOT sure what the point of it was. 2 out of 5

5. Hold My Liquor (featuring Chief Keef and Justin Vernon, Produced By: Young Chop, Co-Produced By: Arca, R. Rubin, & M. Dean)
5:27 for THIS?? Needless to say, Chief Keef (and Mr. Vernon for that matter) add NOTHING to this song and IF there's a message in this one about WHY their liquor needs to be held, I must've missed it due to SO damn much going on, and I don't mean that in a good way at all. Am I over analyzing this? Feel free to let me know, seriously. 1 out of 5

6. I'm In It (featuring Justin Vernon, Produced By: The RZA, Co-Produced By: M. Dean & T. Scott)
Listening to this, it certainly does NOT sound like a RZA production, and even that doesn't save this over-sexual, uh, piece of work. Let's move on, smh. 1 out of 5

7. Blood on the Leaves (featuring Tony Williams, Produced By: TNGHT, Co-Produced By: K. West & M. Dean)
Oh God, the auto-tune reared its ugly head on this one, smh. Man, what in the hell is this, even down to the weird song title? It's more of the same and I feel he's rambling about NOTHING. 0 out of 5

8. Guilt Trip (featuring Kid Cudi, Produced By: Symbolyc One, Co-Produced By: Arca, T. Scott, M. Dean, & Ackeejuice Rockers)
I feel like I'm repeating myself over and over again regarding this album. I feel Kid Cudi added nothing to the song and the lyrics (if you want to call them that on this album) flat out do NOT match the title of the song. Is this "throwing something on paper without ANY thought whatsoever"? SMH. 1 out of 5

9. Send It Up (featuring King L and Iamsu!, Produced By: Gesaffelstein, Co-Produced By: Acra, D. Punk, & H. Mohawke
WHAT IN THE WORLD????? You know what, I have NOTHING further to say about this. 0 out of 5

10. Bound (featuring Charlie Wilson, Produced By: Kanye West, Co-Produced By: No I.D., Symbolyc One, The Heatmakerz, & R. Rubin)
Why Mr. Charlie Wilson would participate on this song is beyond me, and it's only fitting that this, uh, album is closed in the same way it opened: ODD. 1 out of 5

Oh God, I don't even know where to begin with this travesty of an album. Again, I've been a long time fan of Kanye, but even I can't (and REFUSE) to defend this, and it has to be one of the WORST albums I've EVER heard. I read a brief review on this and the person mentioned the word "brilliant". Um, what? Where is ANY kind of brilliance on this "album"? You know, there are MANY other ways to show your musical brilliance, this is hardly one of them, and you''d think Kanye would know this. I'm completely not sure what the hell he was aiming for with this album. Attention? Possibly, but then again, does he need any more attention than what he gets now? Is he going for shock value? Does he want to make you hate music? Is this his way of saying he can put out ANY damn thing, but he can rest comfortably because he knows it'll sell??? Does he deliberately want to offend people? You know, I can see why he flat out said "he didn't give a damn" whether this album leaked or not (and I'll admit, I did take advantage of the leak too). Why even bother releasing this, because it's NOT hip hop.

Overall, and this may be VERY generous, I'll give this mess a complete 1 STAR RATING. I DO NOT see this getting better with time and I damn sure won't waste my money on it and I STRONGLY recommend you to do the same. I really don't even want to speak on this album ever again, and it DOES NOT deserve to make ANY "best albums of 2013" lists (it damn sure won't make mine) or receive any type of nominations. The only thing that this "album" made me do is view Kanye in a very different light and it'll be a long time before I listen to any of his discography.

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