Friday, March 22, 2013

From The Vault Friday

Now, I do recall attempting to start something for Fridays on the blog, but after the first post, lol, it was silently discontinued. I'm going to keep this one up though! Beginning today, for the first post in this series, I'll be posting 3 random songs that have either been lost, forgotten, slept on, underappreciated, etc, highlighting them with a brief description of course. And at any time, if you have some selections you want to contribute, feel free to hit me up and not only will they be posted, but you'll receive a shoutout as well!

(And you know this will begin with Nas and Jay-Z, yes indeed!)

This song, in my view, was originally intended for Nas' third album, "I Am", but due to the massive bootlegging at the time, this did not make the final album, nor did it make "Nastradamaus" and "The Lost Tapes" (it should've made the latter I feel). It's tight needless to say.

Remember the "Black Gangster" soundtrack from 1999? Well, this gem from Mr. Shawn Carter was one of the highlights on that forgotten soundtrack.

Most of us are familiar with the CLASSIC part 2 of this one, but the first part is often forgotten, and it's just as good as its sequel, featuring that classic sound that Mobb Deep would become known for.

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