Monday, February 11, 2013

The Rakim Project Part 4: Don't Sweat The Technique

1992 arrived and this would be the last album with Eric B. & Rakim together, although it wasn't advertised as such. Back in time we go!

Release date- June 23, 1992

All songs were produced by Eric B. & Rakim

What's On Your Mind
Midnight Star's classic "Curious" provided the memorable sample for this opening song, which makes four classic openers for Eric B. & Rakim's albums. Rakim could also make tracks that the females would love, and this is one of them. 5 out of 5

Teach The Children
Another apply titled (I should trademark that term, lol) song here, and when is the last time you saw any song in hip hop with a title similar to this? 5 out of 5

Pass the Hand Grenade
Not sure what Rakim had in mind for this song, however, it's decent. A war minded Rakim, say it ain't so. This theme would continue into the next track. 3 out of 5

Casualties of War
Rakim touches on the subject of war in this tight song. 4.5 out of 5

Rest Assured
Another decent song, but nothing special. 3 out of 5

The Punisher
No correlation to the movie/comic book character of the same, as Rakim punishes his foes on the mic, with the greatest of ease. 3.5 out of 5

Relax With Pep
This song does make you want to relax, oddly enough, and it's mostly due to the beat. 3 out of 5

Keep The Beat
Again, nothing more to add to this one other than it's another decent, but not special, song. 3 out of 5

What's Going On?
Look at what I said about the previous song, lol.

Know The Ledge
One of the lead singles for the classic 1992 film "Juice", this is as awesome as they come, as Rakim spits three of his most hardcore verses ever over a head nodding beat. When you talk about the movie "Juice", this is one of the first songs that come to mind. 5 out of 5

Don't Sweat The Technique
The "technique" was wearing down at this point, but you can't deny the impact of this song. I consider this a classic too, and when you hear something like this on a commercial (which we have), you know that's an impact. 5 out of 5

Kick Along
Not the best ending to what would be their final album together, but it's nothing bad. 3 out of 5

Well, what can you say about this album? It's definitely NOT on the level of the previous three albums, but it's still good in it's own right. "Know The Ledge", "What's On Your Mind", "Teach The Children", "Don't Sweat The Technique", and "Casualties of War" justify the 4 star rating alone. You can tell that their magic was starting to wane at this point in 1992, but overall, they had a hell of a run dating back to 1987, and they'll always have that.

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