Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A brief review of Edo G's "Intelligence & Ignorance"

I almost let this one slip under the radar, smh, but thankfully one of my followers on Twitter recommended I check it out. "Intelligence & Ignorance", a very clever album title, is Edo G's 10th studio album and it was released very quietly on February 5th.One thing I like about that album title is you get very thought provoking songs about the intelligent and ignorant happenings we encounter on a daily basis, and Edo G presents this in an entertaining form.

These days the opener of an album can almost make or break you album in a way, and in this case, Edo starts it off right with the oddly titled "Done Talking". Over a DJ Premier esque track produced by Oh No (I say that often regarding these recent releases, lol), Edo goes in on hard, and he may say he's "done talking", but he says a lot here. The second song on the album, "What They Say", is very good, much like the next two Microphono produced bangers, the apply titled "Power" (he indeed shows lyrical power on this one, short but effective) and "Easy", arguably the best song on the album. What he talks about on "Easy" is the everyday topics that we hear about often these days, and contrary to the song title, most of what he depicts on this one is not easy, but it's still thought provoking to say the least (You speakin for money, I'm speakin my mind, he says). Another very good song is "Bags & Shoes". This is not your typical female song, as Edo drops true science about the two things that some, not all, women are about these days, and in complete odd timing, the very next song, "Give It To Me", is something I would consider your standard track for the ladies, almost aimed at the radio, and it's one of the more disappointing songs found here. Towards the end of the album, things slow down a bit (but not too much) on "Can't Wait" and "Change", both featuring Noel Gourdin. And in another oddly timed scene, the album's closer "Hold U", which details how we all can benefit from having someone "hold us down", picks things up in a strong way, and once you realize that's the last song, it almost leaves you wanting more.

10 songs deep, this is a very good album from Edo G. Lyrically he's still sharp and Microphono, Oh No, RMG, and Cam Bluff did a respectable job behind the boards. In my view, the only thing missing from this album was an appearance from Masta Ace, as he would fit perfectly on either the opener, "Power", or "Easy". Thumbs up/4 star album/very recommended, and this will be another addition to my collection.

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