Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Masta Ace Project Part 7: Son of Yvonne

This is an interesting piece of work right here. They actually didn't collaborate together for the making of this project, as these beats (while tight) came from a "Special Herbs" mixtape series and Ace just contributed his verses. Also, this album is a dedication to Ace's mother who's no longer here, and it also follows him through his upbringing.

Release date- July 17, 2012

D Ski's Intro
Nice little intro to begin this album. From this point on, we'll refer to Ace as "Duval" (his birth name) on this album.

Nineteen Seventy Something
This is all about the music Duval came up with, in the 70s of course, plus we get a nice little side story about Duval looking through his mom's records and trying not to get caught, lol. I know most of us can attest to that. 4 out of 5

Son of Yvonne
Everything he does (and has ever done) is all in the name of Yvonne. Proud son indeed. 5 out of 5

Da Pro
Duval indeeds goes into why he's a definite pro on the mic. 4.5 out of 5

Store Frontin
A brief of a young Duval at his local store, as he meets up with two guys talking, and of course the usual kid/grown man banter begins, lol.

Me and My Gang
Duval hilariously and creatively describes the people around his way, his gang. 4 out of 5

Crush Hour (Featuring Pav Bundy)
Duval trying to get the attention of a certain woman in his own ways. 4 out of 5

Think I Am (Featuring Big Daddy Kane and MF Doom)
I really like this one right here. Not only is MF Doom's beat nice and Duval has a tight verse, it's Kane who steals the show here, as you can just tell that he wants to body this beat, but towards the end, he thinks twice about it and just ends his verse almost as it seems like it's getting started. 4.5 out of 5

Fresh Fest (Featuring Reggie B)
Duval has aspirations of one day performing at Fresh Fest, and that's the theme here: he wants to be part of hip hop and do what his idols are doing, if not better. 4.5 out of 5

Hoe-Tel Leftovers
Funny after party skit.

Slow Down
More creativity on this song, he Duval raps with the tempo of the beat, as it speds up and slows down throughout. There's a story on this one too. 4 out of 5

Home Sweet Home
There's nothing like home, and that's nicely talked about on this one. 4.5 out of 5

Duval's verbal letter to Yvonne. Even this skit is creative.

I Did It
Ace details why he does what he does, for hip hop as well as other topics. 5 out of 5

In Da Spot (Featuring Milani the Artis)
All about the spots, no matter where they go all over the country. 4 out of 5


We close out the Masta Ace project on a VERY GOOD note, with another excellent concept album. I did speak with Ace via Twitter, as I asked, will we be getting another album and will it be another concept album. His replies were "contemplating next move" and "maybe", and I can respect those answers. It's clear to me that Ace has gotten better with time, especially starting with 2001's "Disposable Arts", and he remains one of the most slept on, underrated MCs of all time. He'll definitely remain one of my personal favorites.

Final Tally
1. Disposable Arts (5 stars)
2. A Long Hot Summer (4.5 stars)
3. Take A Look Around (4.5 stars)
4. Son of Yvonne (4.5 stars)
5. Sittin On Chrome (4 stars)
6. Slaughtahouse (4 stars)
7. Arts & Entertainment (4 stars)

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