Friday, January 18, 2013

The 5 Bits

I've made it no secret that I'm a "traditional hip hop head", and one of the strongest factors in that is nostalgia, however, I do keep up with what's going on in my culture today, and that's where this idea of a new series comes in! Titled "The 5 Bits", starting with this inaugural post, each and every Friday, I'm going to five of the most important news items in hip hop that week and deliver my thoughts on each item. I feel this will continue to keep my blog active, it'll give you, loyal reader, something additional to look forward, all the while I'm still planning my podcast (coming soon). Let's take a look at some of the most important happenings this week. (And much props for HipHopDX for the news!!)

1. Regarding Nas' "Life Is Good" album, he says "time will tell" whether it'll be a classic

"Time tells — a lot of the time it has to do with time," he said "It's cool, you can call my record a classic; I'm not tripping. Time will really make me feel it or not, and then if a year from now, another two years from now, I really feel like it's a classic and no one else does, I'm gonna make noise! I'm gonna complain! I'm gonna campaign for that title."

He added, "If it's not a classic, that's cool. That means there's a different title for it that is a different meaning for the record. It wasn't a worldwide classic or a nationwide classic or a 'hood classic but it...was important and it was incredible. You don't have to always be classic: You can be incredible, you can be meaningful or needed. You can be a much-needed album, you know what I mean?"
Wayne's POV:  What better way to begin, my #1 favorite MC of all time, the legendary Nas. Well, "Life Is Good" was clearly the best album of 2012, and while it continues to get better with each listen, I haven't given it classic status as of yet, and I feel years from now, it will be awarded that honor. I agree, time does tell, and in this day and age, INSTANT classics are a complete rarity, even in Nas' case, respectively.
2. Andre 3000 comments on "Pink Matter" remix
“It’s important for me to be clear about the origins of my contributions to ‘Pink Matter’ and ‘Sorry.’ I was approached as a solo artist by both Frank Ocean & Tip. I discussed musical direction with each artist and completed my verses. It was after that when Big Boi’s name came up.
I never want to mislead our audience – I worried that some would think these were Outkast collaborations. These songs are not Outkast collaborations. I discussed this rationale with Big, Frank and T.I. and everyone agreed. That is why I was surprised to read about these remixes.
I understand that anyone can put out an unofficial remix to any song but I have an obligation to be honest with fans about what this is … and what it isn’t.”

Wayne's POV: This is in reference to a recently released collaboration with Dre, Big Boi, and Frank Ocean. When I first read this, the first thought that came to mind that, for some reason, Andre 3000 is slowly but surely really distancing himself from Big Boi, and any mention of an Outkast reunion seems to be increasingly annoying him, and I won't be surprised if it comes to a point where Dre will all but blow off that question. Is he that independent now? Can you blame the fans for wanting a new Outkast album, something that is definitely needed in today's hip hop world? I commend both Dre and Big Boi on their solo endeavors, however, I sincerely hope this doesn't lead to any sort of beef between the two.

3. Lupe Fiasco pulls the plug on "Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. II"

Released via Twitter, only to be removed later:
"A decision has been made that the project titled 'F&L2 Part 2' will be summarily cancelled for public release in 2013"

"The title/concept for Lupe's 2013 release will be revealed later this year."  

Wayne's POV: Lupe dropped an excellent album last year, so I feel this is a good decision. It was tough to follow up the first "Food & Liquor" album, and follow up Part II would've been another challenge. Not saying he can't do it, but after proving the doubters wrong on his recent album, I feel he should change things up a little, for the best of course.

 4. Talib Kweli speaking on a Blackstar reunion

"It's a toss up. But you know what, the great thing about Black Star is it was never dependent on the output of the album," he said. "It was like a lighting in a bottle thing, our intention was to do that one album and then do our solo careers, but people loved that album."

Wayne's POV: That Blackstar album still holds up today, and it beats out MOST of what you hear today, and Kweli is right, people loved that album, with good reasons. This may disappoint some, but I feel the time has passed for this reunion. The idea of it is good, but considering how long its been and how they're firmly entrenched in their solo careers, the timing would not be the best.

5. SYH Moment of the Week: Master P releasing a mixtape titled "Al Capone"

SMH, WHY is this guy even attempting a comeback in 2013, and most importantly, who cares???? Give it a rest already. Today's generation already have a weird taste in what "good" hip hop is, long time fans like myself have different expectations, so who the hell is checking for P at this point? Draw your own conclusions.

Thanks for reading. Tune in next week, same blog time, same blog site!!!!!   

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