Thursday, January 31, 2013

Can I rant for a bit? Yes you can!!

Before I begin to rant to you, loyal reader, please take a look at the following link, and please don't let it stop you from continuing to read on:

Ok ok. First of all, you read that right. This clown (I call him and others that, because that's what they are) said his debut album will be the "album of the decade". When I first read that, all I could do was shake my damn head at this BOLD claim. As I've mentioned before, I'm NOT hating or him or anyone like him, but I have not heard not ONE thing that I can consider good from French Montana, but yet and still, "artists" like him are so in demand for God knows what reason that it's not even funny. Saying you're going to have the "best album of the decade" is a VERY BOLD claim for ANY artist to make, but it doesn't make it any better when it comes from an artist who possesses NO lyrical and creative skills whatsoever. In the article listed above, he said:

"I heard everybody's album. I'm a fan of everybody, but I don't think anybody came out with an album like this"

Well, he's damn right about that. I talked about this briefly on Facebook, and here's what I had to say:

See, this is what I'm talking about (I had to come back and add this, lol). I'm not hating of course, but this clown, who has showed almost no talent whatsoever on the mic, will receive mad hype and attention, not to mention moving a good number of units, honestly, and then an established artist will drop something and it won't move half the units French Montana will, and I'm not trying to make this about numbers either. It's going to be the same, it'll be heavily hyped, a wack song and video will dominate radio and TV, it'll have the SAME guest features and producers, and today's generation will hail him and this album as the second coming of Rakim or something, SMH.
Not surprisingly, this will be a "joint venture" between Bad Boy Records and MMG, since in order to have a hit and mainstream exposure, you just HAVE to do something with Rick Ross' name associated with it. And when it comes to the guest features, again, the SAME STORY: Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa, Drake, 2 Chainz, and Lil Wayne, smh. While Ms. Minaj can be easy on the eyes SOME of the time, I've made it NO secret that I'm NOT of the fan of the other four , and again, get those five on your album, you have a hit. You know I miss the days when you had to be NICE on the mic  and not rely on the "hottest" trend of the day, have the SAME guest features, and have half influence from the biggest fraud to ever grace our hip hop culture, and it's quite sad. 

The bottom line is here, when you have "artists" like this continuing to dominate our culture, almost becoming the exception to many rules in this case, things will unfortunately continue to get more watered down each day. I read somewhere that the only way for this to change is to stop the support, to put it bluntly, however, in a time when you would get such SILLY claims like Lil Wayne is the greatest of all time from a generation who doesn't know and/or care about the history of the culture, things won't change any time soon unfortunately.

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