Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Looking ahead to 2013

Yep, I'm creating this one week before my much anticipated Best Albums of 2012 post! As of this post, I haven't heard or seen anything regarding a list of albums to look forward to in the new year. There are a few I'm aware of (those will be discussed here), others I'll get from the mostly help wikipedia.org site. So with all that being said, here are the artists and albums I'll be looking forward to in 2013, along with my thoughts.

I'm a long time Luda fan, after the hugely disappointing "Battle of the Sexes", I feel the pressure is on for him to deliever a slammin album. If this is the follow up to his best album, "Theater of the Mind", he'll definitely have his work cut out for him, and if his recent singles are any indication, he has a lot more work to do. Do I feel he can pull it off? I think he can.

Anticipation level: slightly high
Release likely- yes

Album title TBD

2010's "Recovery" was an excellent album, and I feel Em will still come with more top notch after smartly taking a hiatus from the hip hop scene. Once the title, tracklist, and release date are announced, expect the anticipation to be high.

Anticipation level: high
Release likely: yes

Loso's Way 2: Rise To Power

Since 2009's "Loso's Way", Fabolous has released between 3-5 mixtapes since then. This album has been announced off and on, with no additional details, and Fab giving the same information, which essentially is "it's still being worked on". As a sequel to "Loso's Way", in my opinion his best album, I can already say it will not be on the level of the first one, but I know he'll give it a try.

Anticipation level: high
Release likely: maybe (won't be surprised if it's pushed back)
Street King Immortal

Wow, I've never seen an artist who EXPLODED on the scene like 50 Cent and become such an irrelevant act in record time, and I'm still a fan! After 2 mixtapes and an EP, I can honestly say I'm not anticipating "Street King Immortal" like I normally would be, and I'm probably the only person I know looking forward to it, lol. 

Anticipation level: medium
Release likely: maybe (this is another album where I won't be surprised if it's either pushed back or not released at all)

This was initially scheduled to come out in November of 2012, but it never happened unfortunately, and that's probably a good thing, respectively. Anytime Ghostface drops something, it's magic, and I feel we'll get that and then some with this album. And hopefully the "Supreme Clientele 2" and "Blue and Cream" projects will be released in the future.

Anticipation level: high
Release likely: yes

Top 5 Dead Or Alive
I'm a little surprised this album hasn't come out sooner. Either way, this may be the album that defines Jada's discography. While he doesn't have that definitive solo classic under his belt, I feel he's going to give it a shot on this album, and with a title like that, he has to.

Anticipation level: high
Release likely: maybe, won't be surprised if it's pushed back indefinitely (just like another Lox album)

2013 will mark the 20th anniversary of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan (as well as their 1993 classic debut). In my opinion, they HAVE to release something commemorating the 20th anniversary, and what better than a new album. As long as the creative juices are flowing and the members are on the same page, we should get something to remember, especially if it's their last album together.

Anticipation level: high
Release likely: maybe

After the largely disappointing "Reggie" album, Redman has to come back strong, because that "Reggie" album CANNOT be the last solo album from him. I can assure you it's not going to match the quality of 1996's "Muddy Waters", but Red can come through with a banger.

Anticipation level: slightly high
Release likely: maybe

Talib Kweli - Prisoner of Conscious   
This is another release that was set for a late 2012 release, but was pushed back due to an apparent switch in labels. Talib rarely disappoints with his albums, and this one will be no different.

Anticipation level: slightly medium, leaning towards high
Release likely: yes

I know this is a relatively short list, and these are the artists that immediately come to mind. I know I'm leaving off a few commercial/mainstream acts, as well as underground artists, most of whom released quality projects in 2012. No matter what the case may be, you know I'll have my eyes opened in the new year when it comes to my culture!

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