Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My 19th favorite album of all time

The D.O.C. could’ve had one great career ahead of him after even dating back to the early days of N.W.A., however, an unfortunate car accident (which crushed his larynx), permanently affected his voice forever. I’m so thankful in more ways than one that he was able to deliver his classic debut in 1989 (the best album that year). Probably second after the great Ice Cube, D.O.C. was one of the best artists on the West Coast. He was quite tight on the mic, and never was that more clear on classics such as “The Formula”, “The Doc & The Doctor”, & “It’s Funky Enough”. Flowing expertly over the fine production of Dr. Dre, he created one outstanding album that still holds up today.

Rating- 5 stars

5 favorite songs- It’s Funky Enough, The Doc & The Doctor, The Formula, Lend Me an Ear, & Portrait of a Masterpiece

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