Monday, November 12, 2012

Forgotten albums: Session 9

One time proteges of West Coast producer/artist Warren G, The Twinz (Trip Locc & Wayniac) were a decent duo, and at the time (the mid 90s), you didn't see too many twin duos, especially in hip hop. They had a very good appearance on Warren G's "Regulate G Funk Era" debut in 94 ("Recognize"), plus another very good performance on "U Can't Fade Me", which was on The Show Soundtrack in 1995. Speaking of 95 (as you all know, one of my favorite years ever), The Twinz released their debut on Def Jam Records, and I was probably one of the only people anticipating it. Warren G handled all of the production, nicely I might add, which had a very laid back, smooth, G-Funk feel to it and Trip Locc & Wayniac flowed nicely over those beats, giving us a "journey through their lives in Long Beach, California. "4 Eyes 2 Heads" is the highlight of this album, as he beat just seriously bangs and The Twinz provided the lyrics to match. Other good songs include "Round & Round", "Good Times", and "1st Round Draft Pick". Overall, very good album, one I initially had on cassette before I got the CD.

Why I feel it's forgotten
As I've highlighted on this blog many times, 1995 was a memorable year for hip hop, with a good number of quality albums released. Even though this was released on Def Jam and they were affiliated with Warren G, if you heard them on his debut and The Show Soundtrack, as well as followed The Source magazine, chances are you didn't know this album had ever been released, and that's what it boils down to right there. It's largely been forgotten by time, plus there was little to no promotion/fanfare for it either. It's like essentially just came and went, and so did Twinz' career shortly after this album, as they were pretty much never heard from again. Their one and only album has also been out of print for the longest time.

Rating- 4 stars

5 favorite songs- 4 Eyes 2 Heads, Round & Round, Good Times, 1st Round Draft Pick, & Jump ta This

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