Saturday, November 3, 2012

Forgotten albums: Session 8


Keith Murray, another fairly underrated talent, basically the most underrated member of the Def Squad, especially on a lyrical level. After a very good and successful debut in 1994, "The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World", Mr. Murray returned in 1996 with his sophomore effort, "Enigma", and in my opinion it's just as good as his first album, if not better. Personally I've always liked this album just a little more.

Why I feel this album is forgotten
Much like Sadat X's album discussed in Session 1, this album came out in a stacked year that was 1996, and although "The Rhyme" made a respectable amount of noise at the time, there was no buzz surrounding this album like his debut. Slept on for the most part.

5 favorite songs- The Rhyme, Dangerous Ground, Yeah, Manifique (Original Rules), & Love L.O.D.

Rating- 4 stars

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