Tuesday, November 27, 2012


For starters, I want to thank each and everyone who has taken the time to check out my blog since its beginning. It's really appreciated!!!!! Those who have read my recent post on Facebook and Twitter probably know what these updates will be about, however, I decided to just go ahead and make an announcement via the blog. 

Although my love and support of hip hop will always continue, along with my desire to enter the business, this blog has run its course, and I'll explain why. In print, when you take a look through all of the archives since the start, I've literally covered just about everything I could. I'm NOT suffering from writer's block, neither have I run out of things to cover, but I feel once the new year arrives, it'll definitely be time to do something new, and I hope you all understand that. For the remainder of this year, the following topics will still be posted:

  • the rest of the Masta Ace project
  • 21-25 of my favorite albums of all time
  • my picks for best albums of 2012 (this will be my last post)

I will not delete the blog, as I will definitely keep it for historical and reference purposes, so you can continue to check it out. In 2013, I'll be starting a podcast of sorts, and at this point I'm deciding whether it'll be an actual podcast or if it'll be a YouTube channel. Respectively I'm not going into any details right now (mainly because it's still in the planning stages) and I won't reveal the actual details until my very first post. I feel what I have in store will be just as entertaining as the written blog. I have what it takes to present my feelings in a written/typed form, now I'll be fully expressing myself verbally. I sincerely hope that the followers of this blog will follow me to my "channel" as well. Again, thanks for your support!!


Wayne Maye

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