Friday, October 19, 2012

My 17th favorite album of all time

I’ve always been a fan of this album. One of the best (and most slept on) albums of 1990, Brand Nubian’s debut “One For All” is a true classic statement when it comes to social & politically conscious content, and members Grand Puba, Sadat X, & Lord Jamar delivered very nicely (Alamo mostly played the background). Not only was the production handled by Brand Nubian themselves, they also got assistance from Dante Ross, Dave “Jam” Hall, Skeff Anselm, and the Simulation Dummies, who provided the remix to “Feels So Good”.  The three rhyming members always displayed great chemistry together, whether it was a combination of all three of them, or two of each, and you find that on every song on this album. Puba had one of the smoothest flows ever, not to mention a way with words. Sadat X was often comical yet informative, and even with a slight high pitch in his voice at the time, he still had a certain flair about him on the mic. Lord Jamar was the righteous one, and he often displayed that side well. When it comes to classics, this album has many of them. “Slow Down”, “One For All”, “To The Right”, “Dance To My Ministry”, “Step To The Rear”, “Dedication”, “Concerto In X Minor”, just to name a few. There’s NO filler on this album, as every song served its purpose indeed. 

Rating- 5 stars

5 favorite songs- Slow Down, One For All, Step To The Rear, Concerto In X Minor, & Dance To My Ministry

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