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eMC - The Show

The awesome team of Masta Ace, Punchline, Wordsworth, and Strick came together to release this gem in 2008, "The Show". All four of these men SHINE on the mic, no question, and this album is one of the most brilliant concept albums I've ever heard, as it tells the story of the group doing a show on the road. I'm going to break this album down and talk about each of the songs.

1. Who We Be (Produced By: Koolade)
This great song begins the album, as it's not just your standard intro, but rather an intro where all four oMCs introduce themselves in a top notch lyrical form.

2. Airport (Skit)
A skit with the members at the airport trying to get in contact with the promoter, and he just happens to show up in the midst of them leaving a voicemail.

3. Leak It Out (Produced By: The ARE)
This track is very good, essentially saying that their first album as a group was long awaiting and now it has arrived. Leak it out indeed.

4. The Check In (Skit)
The members and the promoter check into a hotel.

5. Traffic featuring Little Brother (Produced By: Quincey Tones)
This excellent collaboration with Little Brother is so creative (like this album), as they describe riding through traffic along with what's going on in their surroundings in rhyme (as well as a "traffic report" before Little Brother's verse). The nice Quincey Tones beat fits the artists so well. Great stuff here.

6. Say Now (Produced By: The ARE)
Another dope track here. If you down with the team, "say it now!"

7. The Message (Skit)
Words to wifey (thanks to Strick for this update via Twitter!)

8. Don't Give Up On Us featuring ADI of Growing Nation (Produced By: Frequency)
As the group goes through their trials and tribulations personally and professionally, they also have girlfriends with whom they want to keep things going with, so this song is titled correctly. Stand by me through thick and thin, I can testify to that.

9. Git Sum featuring Sean Price (Produced By: J!)
This hardcore track features all five MCs ripping things nicely and not looking back, punchlines galore. Sean Price comes off exceptionally well, as this song and beat was the perfect fit for him. Tell me none of these guys can rap, I dare you!

10. We Alright featuring Strickie Love (Produced By: Frequency)
Now I love songs like this, songs that uplift and inspire you. They also ask real world questions (what it feel like), and it does make you think in the process. The hook and the lyrics to match are great. Thumbs up for this one.

11. The Interview (Skit)
The group engages in a radio interview with Amanda Diva.

12. eMC (What It Stand For) Produced By: Nicolay
In a word to describe this song, awesome. They take turns flowing about what the name "eMC" stands for, and it's SO creative and well thought out. Nicolay's beat makes you instantly bob your head in enjoyment (also including a well timed car starting sound with the drums). This is probably my favorite song on the album."This ain't chicken noodle soup with a soda". I TOTALLY agree!!!!!

13. The Angry Merch Guy (Skit)
A funny skit.

14. The Grudge (Produced By: Ayatollah)
The MCs talk about things that happened to them (as well things they did), but they try to convince you they're not holding a grudge. Dope.

15. Make It Better (Produced By: J!)
They talk about to oh so familiar topic of the state of hip hop music and how and why they make it better ("BET is on some other s***/They can laffy taffy all day, but can't play Little Brother s***, if you buyin it, they sellin it/No 106 for De La cause they said they not relevant). They also go into how things in life in general can be made better, especially if we do it together. I LIKE songs like this.

16.  The Lobby (Skit)

17. Winds of Change (Produced By: Quincey Tones)
Another creative song in a series of them, as they talk about embracing the changes in hip hop, clothing, movies, entertainment, and life in general over the years.

18. The Show featuring Ladybug Mecca (Produced By: J!)
This fast paced track details of their whereabouts and activities leading up to a show they're having that night. The end of the song details that they even with everything seeming so busy, they still made it to the show. Continuous creativity.

19. The Backstage (Skit)

20. Borrow You featuring Strickie Love (Produced By: Ayatollah)
They might as well just titled this "Borrow You (One Night Stand)", lol. Either way, it's your standard song about the opposite sex and just wanting to "do things/experiment" for one night only, whether they have a man or not. It's done in a way that you WOULDN'T hear on the radio, and that right there makes it good.

21. Once More (Produced By: Marco Polo)
I would consider this the "cool down" song on the album, even though it was sequenced towards the end. It's still good though.

22. U Let Me Grow (Produced By: Quincey Tones)
 This is a heart warming dedication to their mothers, and anytime you get a song like this, it's a VERY good thing.

23. Feel It featuring Money Harm of Product G&B (Produced By: Frequency)
Another song detailing feelings straight from their hearts, and it's a tight way to close the album before the "outtakes".

24. Outtakes

WOW, this is an EXCELLENT album all around, one of the best concept albums I've ever heard. There's not one single moment of filler to be found. All four MCs bless the mic nicely over very good production, as their lyrics and subject matter is creative and refined. (And if any of the group members are reading this, I HOPE we get another album at some point in the future). Fantastic work here.

Rating- Do you really have to ask what this album gets??!! 5 stars completely.

5 favorite songs- The Show, Traffic, Git Sum, eMC (What It Stand For), and We Alright

Note: Starting with Masta Ace, who is now my official #6 favorite MC of all time, I'll be doing a series on my favorite MCs, in which I'll breakdown and discuss each studio album in their discrography, so stay tuned for that!!!!!

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