Friday, October 19, 2012

A brief review on Oddisee's "People Hear What They See"

Prior to this review, I hadn't heard much of Oddisee, that is until I saw a few recommendations for this album in a group I participate in on Facebook (The Barbershop). Thanks to respectable recommendations from fellow posters John Evans, Terry Myers, and James Highsmith, I checked this out via Spotify, and their recommendations were SPOT on! Lyrically, Oddisee is about as good as they come and the production follows suit. This is almost TOO GOOD for radio and TV, and for those reasons you're likely not going to see this album receive the praise it deserves.

"Ready To Rock" starts this album off proper, and it makes you anticipate the rest of the album even more. On "American Greed", arguably the albums best track, Oddisee cleverly talks about the greed of the United States. You may think it's more of the same, but Oddisee gives you a different perspective on this topic. I could see a song like that having a (show stealing) guest appearance from Killer Mike, another artist who excels on politically charged songs. Other highlights include "Set You Free", "Way In Way Out", "Let It Go", "That Real", but then again, just about every song on this album is a highlight in some form, little to no filler indeed. Much like the album began with a bang, it ends on a great note in the form of "Think of Things".

Overall, this is one excellent album, WORLD'S different than the materialistic driven mainstream product that consumes the airwaves and TV today, and that's one of many things that makes this album so great. Highly recommended, and much props to John, James, and Terry for turning me on to this!!!!!!

Rating- Between 4-4.5 stars

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