Friday, October 5, 2012

A brief review of Skyzoo's "A Dream Deferred"

Released this past Tuesday (10/2/2012), Skyzoo continues his respectable track record of excellent album with "A Dream Deferred". The album begins on a great note with "Dreams In A Basement", featuring the talented Jill Scott on the hook Speaking of features, there aren't too many on the album, but the few that come along for the ride add to the album nicely (Freeway sounds good on the old school throwback feel of "Pockets Full", DJ Prince makes a good appearance on "Give It Up", in my opinion, Talib Kweli steals the show on "Spike Lee Was My Hero", and that title speaks for itself, and Mr. Raheem DeVaughn lends his soulful touches to "Drew & Derwin"). Skyzoo also has a nice, but short, list of producers for this album, all of whom did a very good job behind the boards (9th Wonder, !llmind, Jahlil Beats, Black Milk, etc), as literally every beat on this album compliments Skyzoo's style behind the mic. Another notable aspect of this album is that it's clear Skyzoo was listening to (and influenced by) memorable albums from the 90s in the making of this album, where he incorporates certain lines from a few songs into his own, and it shows on tracks like "Range Rover Rhythm" (Jay-Z's Dead Presidents 2 from Reasonable Doubt), "The Knowing" (Nas' Watch Dem N***** from It Was Written), "How To Make It Through Hysteria (Nas' Street Dreams, also from It Was Written), and "Steel's Apartment" (2Pac's I Ain't Mad At Cha from the first disc of All Eyez On Me), which is quite a brilliant concept track in which he tells a story from the perspective of being in Steel's apartment from the movie "Juice".

Overall, it's another excellent album, more or less on par with "The Salvation", but not better than his collaboration album with !llmind (Live From From The Tape Deck). Skyzoo continues to excel with his great storytelling skills and exceptional wordplay.

Predicted rating
4 stars

4 stars

5 favorite songs- Steel's Apartment, Spike Lee Was My Hero, Give It Up, Range Rover Rhythm, and Jansport Strings (One Time for Chi-Ali)

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