Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A brief review of Sean Price's "Mic Tyson"

Aa a long time fan of Duck Down Records, I was eagerly anticipating this album from Sean Price, especially after 2006's awesome "Jesus Price Supastar". After listening to this via Spotify, here are my thoughts.

The Highlights
In a somewhat surprising turn of events, MOST of the highlights on this album come in the form of the guest appearances, as just about each guest completely comes hard and steals the show from SP in my humble opinion. All of this is clear and evident on "Price & Shining Armor" featuring a tight verse from Ruste Juxx (over a bangin track produced by Wool), Ill Bill brings the usual on "Solomon Grundy", and Buckshot delivers a great verse on "Frankenberry". Other fairly decent songs include the DJ Premier esque "Pyrex" (which for all intents and purposes sounds like a DJ Premier track) and "STFU, Pt. 2".

The Low Points
Wow, where do I begin. "Genesis of the Omega" has to be one of the most underwhelming (you'll be seeing this word again) album openers I've heard in a LONG time. To the average fan, after hearing that, you would want to turn the album off, but in my case, I decided against that. And he follows that up with another underwhelming song in the form of "Bar-barian", and what makes it more disappointing is that the usually on point Alchemist produced both tracks. Appearances by underrated names such as Pharoahe Monch and Torae are wasted on "BBQ Sauce" and "By The Way", respectively, as both of those talented artists are relegated to doing forgettable hooks. What???? I'm not sure if SP was afraid of being showed up on his songs in this case, but having those two just doing hooks is unacceptable in my book.

Also, the length of most of this album is questionable too, as it plays more like a mixtape than an actual album, with most of the tracks clocking in a 2 minutes or so. Last but not least, SP's voice has not progressed at all here, and at times he sounds so uninspired. You don't know if it's due to an apparent dissatisfaction with the world of hip hop at the moment (which I certainly understand) or what, but it definitely came across during this "album". He even alluded on one of the tracks that this may be his final album, and if that's true, this is NOT a good way to call it a career.

My initial predicted rating for this was four stars, but after listening to this album, I'm going with 3 stars, and that's mainly for everything noted under the Highlights section. I'm disappointed in this release and I personally wouldn't recommend it to even the most hardcore Duck Down/BCC/Sean Price fans, even with a 3 star rating. The album is not wack per se, it's just LARGELY underwhelming to say the very least.

(Update: My stance on this album has changed considerably, as I revisited it a couple of times. I awarded it 4 stars and added it to my collection.)

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