Thursday, August 16, 2012

Time to rant, again

To begin, I've never cared for "posthumous albums", mainly because the artist is no longer here and is obviously not able to oversee such project(s), as well as enjoy the success of said project(s). That can certainly be said about 2Pac, because after his Makaveli album in 1996, there were countless albums released and with the exception of one ("Until The End Of Time"), I never bothered to check them out. SO, this brings me to the recent news of a posthumous album for Aaliyah (RIP), but before I get to the point of this post, a word on Aaliyah if I may:

Aaliyah was very talented and beautiful, no question. She has countless memorable songs, such as "Back & Forth", "At Your Best", "One In A Million", "We Need A Resolution", etc. I can go on and on, simply because most of the songs she made were very good, and I honestly can't think of a disappointing song from her. I was saddened to hear that she was killed in a plane crash in 2001, and it's still shocking to this day. She continues to be missed.

Now, you're probably thinking, what is this about, lol? Well, someone apparently greenlighted the idea of an Aaliyah posthumous album, and GUESS who will be the executive producer???? SMH, Drake. Oh boy, you just KNOW this warrants a rant.

Who in the hell thinks this is a GOOD idea? Feelings about Drake aside, briefly that is, if he was a fan of Aaliyah, that's cool, BUT, where is his credentials for such a decision? This guy probably wasn't alive when Aaliyah was at her peak, so now he's qualified to be executive producer of this project??? Makes no sense to me. In addition, not sure if it's their decision or not (and I believe it is), Missy Elliott and Timbaland, two talented individuals who frequently worked with Aaliyah prior to her death, will not be involved in the project. It's a gift and curse with that decision, as no involvement from Missy and Tim will likely ensure a musical disaster, however, I totally respect their decision on the matter, as I'm sure they still deal with the fact that Aaliyah's not here to this day, and they do not want to put a blemish on her legacy whatsoever by participating in such a project. Also, when the decision was made for this project, they weren't even contacted, which is kind of a slap in the face if you ask me. Talk about not respecting and/or acknowledging history.

Overall, with all due respect, why even bother with this project. Aaliyah's track record prior to her death is very good and memorable. Are long time fans really looking forward to new material? I personally don't think so, and I'm NOT anxious to hear "new" vocals on a 2012-ish track with the likes of Drake, not now, not ever. Can we please let the deceased rest in peace?

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