Friday, August 24, 2012

My 13th favorite album of all time

When I think of this album, the first word that comes to mind is classic. This is one of MANY albums that has been part of my collection since it's initial release, so that also means a STRONG nostalgia factor as well. I first heard this album thanks to a guy name Cory, who used to live downstairs in the same building as me in 1995. He had the cassette, so at the time I asked to borrow it, and saying I enjoyed the hell out of it was an understatement. I liked it SO much I didn't even want to give the tape back, lol. I ended up buying the album months later, but I'll always remember those moments when I first listened to it. The production was on point and lyrically he was as sharp as they come. This entire album brings back SO many memories and when I play it today, it always takes me back to those moments in time. If only the remix to "One More Chance" was on this album, but it was released in 95 as we all know. Classic all around.

Rating- 5 stars

5 favorite songs- Warning, Gimme The Loot, Juicy, Things Done Changed, & Everyday Struggle

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